People Are Really Upset About Civilian Use Of Military Vehicles, As Jackie Chan And Young Soldier Discover

Jackie Chan in military car

Two stories along the same theme here, both from SCMP’s Amy Li. We’ll start with Jackie Chan, who was seen walking toward a black Audi with military license plates. We’re not sure when the picture was taken, but its publication on Sina Weibo has caused the predictable spate of online outrage.

“Has our military hired Jackie Chan to teach soldiers martial arts?”, said Yu Jianrong, an avid online activist and  researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

“This is obviously a movie prop,” commented another blogger sarcastically on Weibo.

“Will Jackie Chan please use his martial arts to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands?” said another.

Many demanded Chan to offer an explanation.

“This has almost destroyed my admiration for him,” wrote a fan.

It should be noted that Chan could have been using fake military plates, which might somehow exonerate him?

But the more interesting story — if you ignore the fact that Jackie Chan is somewhat of a walking ball of amusement – is this second story out of Guangzhou. First, the video:

That’s “Uncle Ou,” which SCMP reports is “a retired Guangzhou resident famous for his campaign to disclose abuses of official cars.” He really, really hates it when civilians ride in military vehicles, and he’s not afraid of looking like a grumpy gramps — the video has nearly 30,000 views so far on Youku — to express his opinion.

“Why do you use military car to drive your wife?,” Uncle Ou is heard to ask bluntly in the video. “Please answer me.”

“Is this how you abuse tax payers’ money?” Ou said.

We enjoy the expression on this woman, which, to be fair, is exactly how a normal person would react if a belligerent old man began filming himself ranting at your face.

Woman's reaction soldier old man military vehicle

Anger after Jackie Chan caught using military car in Beijing (SCMP)
Video: Man berates soldier for giving civilian a ride in military car (SCMP)

    2 Responses to “People Are Really Upset About Civilian Use Of Military Vehicles, As Jackie Chan And Young Soldier Discover”

    1. narsfweasels

      There’s a military family in my complex, every morning at 7 a car with military plates arrives to take the daughter to primary school.

    2. Chackie Jan

      Jacky “America is the most corrupt” Chan once again making an absolute fool of himself. Apparently you do not need an actual functioning brain to become a movie star. Looking forward to a Matt Damonesque scene of him frantically shouting his own name.


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