Friday Night Musical Outro: Bonkers Goth Industrial Shit, Zaliva-D

Hi, I’m Morgan. I work at Quick announcement: hardcore hesher types all over China HAVE SPOKEN and Metallica is playing a second show in Shanghai on August 14. If you live in Beijing and want to get some tickets, visit SmartBeeeej on Monday and we’ll have an update for you on the ticket status. It’s all being worked out. Seriously, this time though. We got your back. We’ll have tickets for sale…

Another announcement: people are drinking titty milk. Oh wait, the Tao has that covered

Let’s keep this one short and sweet this week, friends. It’s too damn hot for this article and there’s only about two people left in Beijing to read it. Man, English teaching is looking pretty sweet right now…

Anyways, not too much going on around town for tunes this weekend but a few shows are standing out: Amazing Insurance Salesmen are at Temple, there’s a good one on for Saturday night down at XP with a show from a couple of concerts from Dalian, Doc Talk Shock and Which Park, and School Bar has some local punk rock / d-beat on for Sunday night.

And then there’s this: Zaliva-D at Dada Bar tonight. Zaliva-D has been kicking around Beijing for a while now, dishing out depth charge industrial techno and trance music like a one-man soundtrack to the post apocalypse. Dude is super serious. He has no eyebrows.

You know the scene in every single Blade movie when Blade walks into some secret vampire nightclub and it’s full of vampires dressed in vinyl getting all pervy on the dance floor and then Blade kills them all with his sword and ninja starts and shit? They’re listening to Zaliva-D in that scene. That’s his kind of music. Future pop, EBM, spazzoid nihilism techno. Just real heartwarming jams. And some nice visuals with his show too. Bunny rabbits and rainbows and stuff.

Go see that! Friday night at Dada bar. No cover.

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

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