Journalist Discovers Poverty, Humanity In China’s Backwater Regions

Face of poverty
Starting from the age of 10, Jiangnan Yiling, editor-in-chief of Size Outdoor magazine, traveled with his father to snowy mountains, harsh deserts, Buddhist shrines, and the Tibetan steppe. Last month, he spoke at UCCA about his travels and the inspiration for his charity projects. A visit to an elementary school in Yushu, Qinghai province changed his life in 2009.

For County Officials, Poverty Is A Mask For Corruption

Malipo County
The China Dream is in trouble according to a recent report by The Mirror. The investigative report, published on February 7, said the number of impoverished counties in China rose from 331 in 1985 to 592 in 2012. This purported slide into poverty runs contrary to three decades of explosive economic growth and seriously clashes with the government’s official reporting of 98.9 million people in poverty nationwide. But rather than unmasking a hidden class of impoverished citizens...

Daily Mail Writes Shamefully Bad China Story

Daily Mail Taiyuan cabbage 1
Bad articles deserve to die a silent, lonely death. Really bad articles, however, deserve to be thrown into the public stocks and ridiculed. This one from Daily Mail belongs with the latter. It begins: Ravaged by hunger and desperate for food, these are the sad pictures which show just how needy families in China are. Oh... Read more »

This Might Be A Picture Of The Five Urchins Who Died In A Dumpster

Five Bijie children
Sina Weibo user @公民李元龙 may have posted the first photo of those five Bijie children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a trash bin last week, and it’s perfect. Look at that light. In a post that was published yesterday at 9:18 pm (884 forwards, 322 comments so far), @公民李元龙 writes: A miracle, I obtained a picture of those... Read more »