Dumpsters In Bijie, Where Five Children Died Last Month, Now Explicitly Warn: “Prohibited To Enter”

Garbage bin in Bijie
The story of five children who died inside a dumpster in Bijie, Guizhou province last month shocked the country, shook more than a few souls and consciences, and led to the firing of at least six mid-ranking officials. It seems the city isn’t quite done with its changes though. This latest one, however, is a... Read more »

This Might Be A Picture Of The Five Urchins Who Died In A Dumpster

Five Bijie children
Sina Weibo user @公民李元龙 may have posted the first photo of those five Bijie children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a trash bin last week, and it’s perfect. Look at that light. In a post that was published yesterday at 9:18 pm (884 forwards, 322 comments so far), @公民李元龙 writes: A miracle, I obtained a picture of those... Read more »

Five Street Children, Huddling For Warmth In Dumpster, Die Of Suffocation [UPDATE]

Children suffocate in trash bin
A really sad story out of Bijie, Guizhou province: on Friday, five young children were found dead in a dumpster, apparently of carbon monoxide poisoning. Xinhua reports that “the boys were suspected to have suffocated as they tried to sleep in the dumpster to survive the cold night” — temperatures were around 6 degrees Celsius, with... Read more »