Here’s An Aerial View Of That Rooftop Temple In Shenzhen

Shenzhen rooftop temple
A microblogger recently noticed a temple built upon the roof of a housing complex in Shenzhen, AFP reports, because why wouldn't there be a temple there? It seems like Zhang Biqin of Beijing isn't the only person into that sort of thing. The temple sits on top of a 21-storey apartment. The suspected owners haven't been identified, and media have not been able to get them on the record to ask ,WTF?

The Wealthy Quack Who Built A Rooftop Villa In Beijing Is An Asshole

Beijing penthouse villa on rooftop
This is cool and all at first glance, but let's call a spade a spade: it's illegal, and not so cool if you're living underneath this rooftop villa, i.e. inside the 26-floor apartment building. Somehow, the rich bastard who built this -- a medical practitioner (quack?) with a private business (definitely quack) known as "Professor Zhang" -- has accomplished the nearly impossible: made us root for chengguan.

Crazy Kids Use Slanted Rooftop As Slide

Kids sliding off rooftop featured image
Young thrill-seekers in Shenzhen's Bao'an District were caught doing the above on May 15. You'll note that there's no guardrail on the edge of the rooftop, slanted at a scary 45-degree angle. Was this a dare? A challenge that could only have been accepted by eager preadolescents with something to prove, to themselves if not their friends? One thing is for sure: this video not for those afraid of heights.