Siblings Learning To Ride Motorbike On Rooftop Fall To Their Deaths

Siblings ride motorcycle on roof

Around 2 pm yesterday in Wenzhou Commercial City in Lanzhou, Gansu province Zhejiang province, a brother and sister duo rode a motorcycle off the roof of a building, both of them dying in the fall.

Preliminary reports have ruled it an accident. The siblings were practicing how to ride when the driver is said to have lost control.

A reporter was taken to the top of the building via an incline on the other side. The terrace was about 200 square meters, which is not very big at all — about 14 by 14 meters. It was about 15 meters off the ground.

The brother, surnamed Hu, was 27 years old, and his sister was 20. Neither was wearing a helmet.

Siblings ride motorcycle on roof 2

(H/T James Tiscione)

    5 Responses to “Siblings Learning To Ride Motorbike On Rooftop Fall To Their Deaths”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      What happened to the one child policy? Oh wait, it’s Wenzhou…nothing to see folks…move along.

    2. 柴纳闷

      It’s in Lanzhou. Someone has trouble to figure out that there is a Wenzhou Mall in many Chinese cities. Damn, Chinatown must be in China!


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