Watch: Tracy McGrady Of Winless Qingdao Sprints Off The Court Because He Has Diarrhea

Perhaps it’s safe to say the excitement surrounding Tracy McGrady’s arrival to Qingdao and the CBA’s Double Star Eagles has worn off. In his debut, T-Mac got stripped clean with 10 seconds to go in a tie game, then watched Sundiata Gaines drill a buzzer-beater on the other end. Less than a week later, his team entered the fourth quarter with an 11-point lead against Bayi, only to lose it and then watch China’s resident old-timer, Wang Zhizhi, hit a game-winning five-footer (controversy notwithstanding, as the game clock started late and probably gave Wang the extra half-second he needed to get the shot off).

Several games later, still-winless Qingdao welcomed Liaoning into its frigid building — a circuit malfunction cut off all heat — and proceeded to lose by 30. Could anyone blame T-Mac for sprinting off the court after a foul with 2:37 left in the first quarter?

Apparently he had the runs. “Fans were dumbstruck,” according to ifeng. A Qingdao staffer told the reporter, “His stomach wasn’t feeling very well, no biggie.”

McGrady wouldn’t return until the second half. He finished with a season-low 10 points in the 114-84 loss. No biggie. Six defeats in six games, and only two of them close. (Note: Qingdao lost yesterday in Beijing to fall to 0-7.) It’s no wonder that the home fans began chanting, “Break em up!” at its hapless squad. Youku video for those in China after the jump (T-Mac runs off the court just after the 23-minute mark).

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