Sausage Fest At HeForShe China Event In Beijing

He for She - all guys
I understand the HeForShe movement is a global initiative spotlighting men (officially, "a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half"), but holding a gender equality discussion without inviting any women kind of makes for bad optics. Also, men clearly need more appreciation:

Xinhua News Calls US “A Butt”

Xinhua tweet US a butt
At some point, you think maybe Xinhua would stop letting the more unsavory of their foreign copyeditors access the Twitter account. That point is not today.

Blonde Ambition: How Xinhua Used A Foreign “Reporter” To Sex Up Its Propaganda

Nikki Aaron
Xinhua host and moonlighter for the Daily Mail’s venerable China Bureau Nikki Aaron has been blissfully peddling the British tabloid yarns of her “China adventures” for the last few months. All well and good. Here’s her latest, on dating, a subject she has visited before. The extremely confessional tone of the Mail piece begs the question: who is Nikki Aaron?

An Interview With Guda, Star And Producer Of The Xinhua-Endorsed Fetish Film “Lethal Injection”

Xinhua confuses porn 4
In the above picture, a doctor is about to administer a lethal injection to the woman being strapped to the bed. It's a stark and somber scene, only more shocking because a cameraman was allowed to document, close-up, the stages of a real-life execution. At least, that's what Xinhua, the official press agency of the People's Republic of China, thought when it published a slideshow titled, “Actual Record of Female Inmate’s Execution – Exposing the World’s Darkest Side.”

Xinhua, Once Again, Accidentally Publishes Porno

Xinhua confuses porn 30
It's been a while since our friends at Xinhua have done something truly absurd, but today, China's official state-run news agency has really outdone itself. The culprit this time is not Xinhua's English-language slideshow, but a Chinese edition, which recently published 40 pictures that appear to be screenshots from a fetish porno.

BJC Redux: The PRC’s “Human Rights Record Of The United States,” Explained

Human Rights Record of the United States
Ed’s note: On April 19, the US Department of State published its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, which included a section on China. It was typical, mundane, and features nothing you don’t already know, including restriction of Uighur and Tibetan movement, harassment of journalists and dissidents, prison labor, discrimination, extrajudicial killings, etc. On... Read more »

Chinese Netizens Just Realized The Real Xinhua Is On Twitter, And They’re Kind Of Pissed

Xinhua's Twitter
I have to admit, the first time I encountered @XHNews, calling itself the “Xinhua News Agency” — description, “A multimedia group, Xinhua delivers the most authoritative China news as well as fast and objective global news” — I thought it was a joke. (First tweet, March 1: “Annual sessions of China’s top legislature and political... Read more »

Here’s Hu Jintao Looking Absolutely Thrilled To Be Casting A Vote “In Election For CPC Central Committee”

Hu Jintao is thrilled
As China promotes up-and-comers to its approximately 350-member CPC Central Committee, culminating in an announcement (we hope) of the all-powerful nine-member Central Politburo Standing Committee, the place you should be keeping an eye on today is @XHNews, Xinhua’s official Twitter account. Not only will it probably break the news of the new Standing Committee —... Read more »

Does This Look Like A Fallopian Tube To You? A Case In Gender Studies

Xinhua's fallopian tubes
Here is Xinhua's latest slideshow, "Gourd craft-based products attract collectors in N China." We tried, briefly and unsuccessfully, to see penises where there were none, for gourds, however phallic, fall short of the "unintentional dong" standard. But there is something better. There is something better indeed.

“Christ, Xinhua, It’s FRIDAY NIGHT” And Other Tweets From Foreign Correspondents

Xinhua and foreign correspondents
“A fair few were drunks, philanderers and frauds and more than one was a spy,” writes Paul French in Through the Looking Glass, a book about China’s foreign correspondents from the Opium Wars to Mao. “They changed sides, they lost their impartiality, they displayed bias and a few were downright scoundrels and lairs of the... Read more »

And Now For Something Completely Different: People’s Daily’s Bathing Advisory

While significant things happen outside the offices of People’s Daily, and other people do real work (like censoring videos — Youku, looking at you), People’s Daily Online has teamed up with Xinhua to bring you important, possibly life-saving tips on dangerous bathing, in a not-at-all tongue-in-cheek article called, “Danger: Don’t bathe under the following conditions.”... Read more »