People’s Daily Seeks “Immediate Rectification” From Parody Account @RelevantOrgans

People's Daily vs Relevant Organs

People’s Daily, the gift that keeps on giving, did a most glorious thing at 1:39 am today by “publicly condemn[ing]” a parody Twitter account, The Relevant Organs. “We have noticed that a Twitter account has been misleading people by stealing People’s Daily ‘s web address and National emblem of China to make false impression that the account is related to China officials or People’s Daily,” reads PD’s tweeted statement. “We hereby solemnly declare that this Twitter account is not related to or does not have connection with any Chinese official bodies, including People’s Daily.”

The Relevant Organs has been around since 2010 and literally no one thinks it’s related to “China officials or People’s Daily.” If English-language Twitter users were only as clueless as People’s Daily editors about satire, maybe that notice would have been necessary. As is – holy hayrick of cowdung, PD. (Is this a savvy play for more Twitter followers?) The China Girls blog has a small roundup of reactions from the Twittersphere, e.g., “oh my goodness i’m dying of laughter.” We’ve tracked some more reactions in the Storify below.

The best part is PD uses language parodied by its satirists. Note that The Relevant Organs’s Twitter tagline is, “China’s soft-power vanguard, rectifying your thought since 2010.” Here’s PD:

People’s Daily publicly condemns such theft and forgery conduct and demands the user of this account to make immediate rectification.

First of all, it’s users. Second…. PD is a bit out of its jurisdiction, isn’t it? In any case, it doesn’t look like The Relevant Organs is listening:




Here’s PD’s full statement:

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    3 Responses to “People’s Daily Seeks “Immediate Rectification” From Parody Account @RelevantOrgans”

    1. Chinese Netizen

      These sad pathetic little worms in Beijing just keep making themselves look like utter fucktards.
      “Solemnly” declare? Puh- leez.
      The feelings of the Chinese people have been hurt in perpetuity…


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