Chinese Woman In New Hampshire Tasered At Apple Store

New Hampshire woman tasered
A Chinese national trying to buy iPhones in Nashua, New Hampshire was tasered outside an Apple Store last Friday. A cell phone video shows 44-year-old Li Xiaojie being held to the ground before police knocked her unconscious with tasers. Her 12-year-old daughter was with her. Li was at Pheasant Lane Mall to buy her third and fourth iPhones,... Read more »

Chinese Artist Tries To Blow Up Christmas Tree, Tries And Tries Again

Chinese Artist Tries To Blow Up Christmas Tree featured image
Are you sick of Christmas yet? The tawdry lights, varnished commercialism, snowy cliches? Has the inner cynic in you roused like the rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem? Then this story is for you. Via the Washington Post: To celebrate the Sackler Gallery’s 25th anniversary, Cai Guo-Qiang, the Chinese artist famous for his Olympic pyrotechnics display and his gunpowder art, plans to ignite a daytime fireworks show on the Mall that riffs on the Christmas tree lightings taking place around the country.

The Chinese In America: This One Successfully Brought Weapons, Armor And Body Bags, Among Other Things, From Japan To Los Angeles

Yongda Huang Harris
Yongda Huang Harris, you’re not doing it right. You’re not doing it right at all: A Boston-bound man wearing body armor, flame retardant leggings and knee pads under his trench coat arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after a Customs and Border Protection officer found a smoke grenade and several weapons in his checked luggage... Read more »

A Kickstarter Worth Your Attention: Awesome Asian Bad Guys

Awesome Asian bad guys featured image
Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco are a pair of Los Angeles-based filmmakers who want to bring joy to your life. Consider: an action-comedy Web series involving some of your favorite Asian baddies, such as characters from Karate Kid 2 and basically every movie Al Leong's done. If that's something you might be interested in, check out their Kickstarter, Awesome Asian Bad Guys, which needs just over $18,000 in three days to reach its goal of $50,000.

The Chinese In America: Pimpin’

Chinese pimp
Found in San Francisco, posted on Reddit under the title, “Asian crocodile pimp of muni” (“Fun fact of the day:Muni is the Greek word for vagina,” writes Johanitsu). Mr. Croc here might not be Chinese, but it’s close enough for our tastes. Also, he’s awesome, so there’s that. Previously: Riding A Pink Unicorn, Not Giving A Single Fuck.... Read more »

Former Beijinger Jason Chu’s Poem Of Apology In Response To The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shootings

Former Beijinger Jason Chu’s Poem Of Apology In Response To The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shootings featured image
The last time we saw Jason Chu around these parts, he was rapping about his imminent departure from China with the song Love Letter to Beijing. It's nice to see he's making himself visible in the US as well. Here is his message to the victims of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings, along with some pointed remarks at the Chick-fil-A set.

Asian Mother Viciously Belittles Son For Getting Math Question Wrong

Crazy Asian other featured image
As Louis CK says in one of his shows, children can be assholes (and “buckets of disease”). But is it worth screaming “kill you” at them for getting a math problem wrong? This video’s a bit old, from two years ago, but it recently went viral and found new life on Viral Viral Videos. Forget Amy Chua; it’s Asian mothers like this who give Asian moms a bad rep.