Asian Mother Viciously Belittles Son For Getting Math Question Wrong

As Louis CK says in one of his shows, children can be assholes (and “buckets of disease”). But is it worth screaming “kill you” at them for getting a math problem wrong?

This video’s a bit old, from two years ago, but it recently went viral and found new life on Viral Viral Videos. Forget Amy Chua; it’s Asian mothers like this who give Asian moms a bad rep. And it quite possibly might be child abuse, as  points out in the video description. “What do you know?” the mom shouts. “Do you want to go to college? No you don’t! You’re a total idiot!”

I grew up in an Asian household, and my mother once threatened to tie me to a chair and burn me, but that’s because I was misbehaving. She was down to her last resort. (Before you act so shocked, realize that parenting standards really are different in Asia.) But my mom would never threaten to kill me for getting a few math questions wrong. After all, it’s normal to be wrong sometimes. It’s part of growing up and the learning process. And… it’s MATH. No wonder Asian kids are stereotyped as unimaginative and passive: all their energies are spent getting math questions correct, lest their mothers freak out. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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