Quiet On The Set, Please: Chinese TV Show Visits Rock Climbing

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The Good Doctor, who wrote about rock climbing last month, apparently isn't the only one who believes rock climbers are "fucking cool." Last week, while climbing at Ritan Park, the crew of a Chinese game show showed up to film at the wall. Contestants climbed in pairs -- neon team vs. fuchsia team -- and we're told that for the most part they did not do very well.

Shaq vs. Tracy McGrady: Who Has The Better Chinese Beer Commercial?

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Shaq is a spokesman for Harbin Beer while Tracy McGrady shills for Sedrin. Who's better in their respective ads, shown back-to-back in the above? I think I've had Sedrin before, but it obviously was not very memorable. Also, the name reminds me of sleep medicine. Harbin, meanwhile, is absolutely non-notable in every way. I'd call it "insipid," but that's much too fancy a description for such a bland, bland thing.

A Kickstarter Project Worth Your Attention: Chinafornia

Chinafornia is The Daily Show meets The Simpsons, California meets China. In other words, a live-action version of China Daily Show meets Beijing Cream! (Too far?) We don’t see how it can go wrong, especially in the expert hands of animator and filmmaker (writer/producer/etc.) Ellie Lee, a five-time Emmy Award nominee and the brains behind this project. Like many... Read more »


Two Girls Committed Suicide Last Week, And Some Think The Tragedy Lies With TV Programming. That’s Shameful

You wouldn't watch this show?
By RFH We wanted to highlight our school suicide story earlier this week because we felt many of the elements surrounding the official reaction – subterfuge, censorship, a lack of respect for both the living and dead – were unfortunately far too common. Now comes another bleak story of teenage suicide – and the disgraceful... Read more »

Da Peng Responds To Conan

Conan O’Brien isn’t the only showman who knows the entertainment value in a good cross-ocean rivalry. Via Tea Leaf Nation, which has a very good recap of the show, Da Peng goes on the offensive. 56.com video (sans English subtitles) for those in China after the jump.

Watch: Conan O’Brien Gets ‘Revenge’ On Chinese Talk Show

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The Chinese show in question, which Conan calls “really weird,” is Da Peng Debade《大鹏嘚吧嘚》, hosted by Dong Chengpeng (董成鹏 [born Jan. 12, 1982, 176 cm, blood type AB...]). It is weird, but at least it’s different, a fun variety show featuring crosstalk, magic acts, theater, colorful characters, funny graphics – a victory for Chinese programming, trust me. And at least it tries to be creative, albeit creativity in its opening credits manifests itself in the form of copying an American show that is actually creative. But it’s trying! And it has been, according to Baidu Baike, one of the most popular shows on the Internet ever since Dong (Da Peng) launched it in 2007.