Watch: Firefighter Saves Suicidal Woman In Guizhou

Suicidal woman rescued by firefighter
Another day, another great rescue by a firefighter in China. On Monday in Tongren, Guizhou province, a woman who had slit her wrist crawled out of a 7th-floor window and threatened to jump. It took a fast-thinking firefighter with an even faster move to save her.

Suicide Attempt At Sanlitun Hooters Foiled By Handcuffs

Sanlitun Hooters suicide foiled
A young woman scaled a railing above the Sanlitun Hooters in Beijing yesterday at around 9:30 am and threatened to jump. Policemen were soon on the scene. After a bit of talk, one quick-thinking officer handcuffed his wrist to hers before pulling her to safety.

Man Catches Girlfriend Trying To Jump To Her Death From 5th-Story Balcony

Dramatic rescue of suicidal woman
As a result of domestic strife, a 20-something woman in a residential compound in the Daoli district of Harbin, Heilongjiang province went to the balcony on the 5th story of a building and threatened to jump. She crawled out of the window and onto a wire clothesline, where she remained, distraught, according to a witness on the ground, as reported by Xinhua.

South Beijing Teeming With Police In Response To Massive Protest After Death Of Allegedly Gang-Raped Girl [UPDATE]

Yongdingmen2 3
A massive police and paramilitary presence has descended upon Fengtai District around Jingwen Clothing and Apparel Shopping Mall, the scene of either a suicide or murder last Friday. On May 3, a young woman from Anhui province fell to her death from the Jingwen building after allegedly being gang-raped. Police hastily ruled her death a suicide and refused her family's request to see the surveillance footage. This afternoon, thousands (edit: possibly only "hundreds") of people -- many who are migrant workers from Anhui -- gathered in a planned protest between Jingwen and Yongdingmen, a gate just south of the Temple of Heaven on Second Ring Road (a few kilometers north of Jingwen). Hundreds of police have shown up in turn, many in riot gear. Traffic is reportedly backed up for miles.

China Radio International Host Yan Yinan Dead In Apparent Suicide [UPDATE]

Yan Yinan
Yan Yinan, co-host of China Radio International’s daily program China Drive, died in an apparent suicide on Friday when she jumped off her apartment building, sources say. Some of her colleagues were seen crying inside the CRI office on Friday. A source said CRI management has emailed staffers asking them to keep news of Yan’s death... Read more »

Two Girls Committed Suicide Last Week, And Some Think The Tragedy Lies With TV Programming. That’s Shameful

You wouldn't watch this show?
By RFH We wanted to highlight our school suicide story earlier this week because we felt many of the elements surrounding the official reaction – subterfuge, censorship, a lack of respect for both the living and dead – were unfortunately far too common. Now comes another bleak story of teenage suicide – and the disgraceful... Read more »

The Story Of The Student Suicide That Wasn’t

Via Jinghua Times (link below)
By RFH On February 28, students of Yuying High School were gathering on the playground at 9:30 am for their daily morning exercise when a girl appeared on the 4th floor of a north building. “She was standing at the window of a Grade 11 classroom, naked, holding her clothes,” a student recalled. “We were all... Read more »