Yishus: Have Your Art Professor’s Guy Call My Guy

Booby traps
Via The Green Pea Boat “I like to help my students as much as I can.” Sitting at his dining room table at 10 pm while nibbling on expensive imported dried apricots, the Chinese art professor uttered this while texting recommendations on behalf of his graduating students to collectors and other well-moneyed contacts. “I’m sorry... Read more »

Searching For Porn In China? The GFW Is Currently Blocking 2,873 Sites, But Not…

Pornhub-not-censored featured image
Pornhub (No. 83 on Alexa) and Livejasmin (No. 72). Even those with VPNs may be happy about this: no more opening and pausing six videos to wait for them to buffer while you distract yourself with other things on the Internet, only to accidentally blow your load to a Snorg Tees model. Are you surprised Pornhub and... Read more »

Introducing: GreatFire.org, The Easy Way To Check What China’s Net Nanny Blocks

The Great Firewall can suck it
GreatFire.org is a great resource for checking which websites are blocked within China. For example, via that tool, you know that the Great Firewall blocks eight of the world’s 50 most popular websites (as ranked by Alexa): Facebook (2), YouTube (3), Blogspot (8), Twitter (9), WordPress.com (18), t.co (29), IMDB (41), Blogger (44) and fc2.com (47).... Read more »

Watch Two Hong Kong Chicks Fight Over A Guy

Watch Two Hong Kong Chicks Fight Over A Guy
So the one on the left, standing, says, "Slap those mainland bitches who come to Hong Kong to give birth! And I don't mean with fines..." The one on the right, sitting, goes, "We can't be like them -- now we're arresting birthing agents. What is this, China?" And the first one's like, "I'm talking about mothers," to which the other responds, "You calling me fat?," prompting, "You're way too ugly to be a mother," and finally, "Well you're a locust!" And then the one on the left throws some liquid at the one at the right...

The Rebirth Of Stephon Marbury

The rebirth of Stephon Marbury
The video after the jump depicts a Stephon Marbury unlike any you’ve seen. At 35 — currently winding down his third and best season in the Chinese Basketball Association (he just scored 52 and 53 points in consecutive games in the CBA semifinals, against his former team, the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons, no less) — he’s... Read more »

Chinese Netizens Don’t Appreciate North Korea, Apparently

North Korea Today Weibo
Via Offbeat China, we learned earlier today of Sina Weibo’s hottest newcomer, “North Korea Today” (@今日朝鲜), which joined on March 7 and already has 85,691 followers as of this moment (I was No. 84,403, I think). Its profile reads something to the effect of, “Full access to North Korean news. Anyone who dares besmirch North... Read more »

Two Girls Committed Suicide Last Week, And Some Think The Tragedy Lies With TV Programming. That’s Shameful

You wouldn't watch this show?
By RFH We wanted to highlight our school suicide story earlier this week because we felt many of the elements surrounding the official reaction – subterfuge, censorship, a lack of respect for both the living and dead – were unfortunately far too common. Now comes another bleak story of teenage suicide – and the disgraceful... Read more »