Three On One Fight Ends Badly For The Three

Scant info available on this, but it speaks for itself. Three men pull a driver out of his car to beat him, but the man valiantly fights back. He puts one man on his back, then another, flips another dude, then goes on the offensive with flying kicks. Who is he, Ryback??? The third man, seeing that he no longer has the numbers advantage — as if that helped — takes off on a dead sprint down the street, glancing over his shoulder to see he’s not being pursued. Good beats evil. Justice prevails again.

    4 Responses to “Three On One Fight Ends Badly For The Three”

    1. maxiewawa

      Fake! As he runs away you can even see the guy slow down when he thinks he’s out of shot! As fake as my new Pingguo iFeng 7


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