Friday Night Musical Outro: Carsick Cars – Mushroom

Carsick Cars – Mushroom featured image
"The only show that matters this weekend," our music contributor says. That's the Maybe Mars five-year anniversary show at Yugongyishan tomorrow at 8 pm (80 yuan at the doors, 60 yuan presale, including limited-edition five-year anniversary compilation CD). This music label has launched the careers of many-a band in Beijing, including the one featured here, Carsick Cars -- they'll be at Yugongyishan tomorrow along with the likes of AV Okubo, Xiao He, Liu Kun (Low Wormwood), Mr. Graceless, Chui Wan, Zhan Pan (The Gar), Yang Fan (Ourself Beside Me) and Yang Haisang (DJ). Mushroom (蘑菇) is from CSC's self-titled debut album.

A Tribute To Bruce Lee On The 39th Anniversary Of Enter The Dragon’s Premiere

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Anyone notice how Bruce Lee sometimes talks like a professional wrestler? No? Anyway, Enter the Dragon technically premiered on August 29, 1973, but with the time difference between there and here, I hope you can allow a certain leeway in the post title. This musical tribute by Melody Sheep, posted on Tuesday, samples from a Bruce Lee interview and the movies Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon.

Too Good To Be True? Watch This Supposed Four-Year-Old On The Piano

Watch This Supposed Four-Year-Old On The Piano featured image
The website Godvine got itself a viral video recently, called "4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master - Wow," but left no information about it. Can you blame anyone for being a bit a skeptical? But this looks real to our eyes. Maybe the boy is actually older than four, but we'd just be nitpicking there. If he's playing even half those keys, I daresay he has a promising career in music in front of him. Alicia, who found this on Facebook, tells us that the father says at the very beginning in Cantonese, "Play it again..."

Sun Tzu’s Classic, “The Art Of War,” Refashioned As Dystopian Graphic Novel

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Sun Tzu's The Art of War has been around for more than 2,000 years, and it may be a timeless classic, but it's about time it got a reboot. Enter Kelly Roman, whose graphic novel The Art of War is set in a dystopian future and samples from the ancient military treatise. Explains China Daily's Kelly Chung Dawson, the book "overlays Sun Tzu's text against a revenge story set 20 years in the future, in an imagined time in which Wall Street has become militarized and China is the dominant global superpower.

Friday Night Musical Outro: Misandao – Skinhead Never Walks Alone

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First things first: the "skinhead" in this title is not a reference to white supremacists/Nazis, which pretty much is the reason this video on YouTube has been viewed more than 600,000 times since it was uploaded on December 14, 2007. The Youku version has a paltry 2,357 views by comparison. Misando (蜜三刀) is an old-school Beijing punk band, and you can bet they wouldn't have lasted this long as racists. They'll be playing at the 9th annual Punk Festival at Mao Livehouse over the weekend. We wish we could tell you whether they're scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, but this "festival" is promoted so poorly that it's not even on Mao Livehouse's website. So it goes.

This: PSY’s Viral Video, Gangnam Style, Remade With Korean Girl Group 4minute’s Hyuna

Remember when Korean rapper PSY made the video for “Gangnam Style” and was thusly described in a Time headline as having the “best invisible horse-riding rap video” of the week? If you haven’t seen it yet, go here and watch (YouTube and Youku versions available). This post really was an excuse for you to go watch... Read more »