Friday Night Musical Outro: Carsick Cars – Mushroom

“The only show that matters this weekend,” our music contributor says. That’s the Maybe Mars five-year anniversary show at Yugongyishan tomorrow at 8 pm (80 yuan at the doors, 60 yuan presale, including limited-edition five-year anniversary compilation CD). This music label has launched the careers of many-a band in Beijing, including the one featured here, Carsick Cars — they’ll be at Yugongyishan tomorrow along with the likes of AV Okubo, Xiao He, Liu Kun (Low Wormwood), Mr. Graceless, Chui Wan, Zhan Pan (The Gar), Yang Fan (Ourself Beside Me) and Yang Haisang (DJ). Mushroom (蘑菇) is from CSC’s self-titled debut album. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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