End-Of-Week Links: Wen Jiabao, Bo Xilai, Zhang Dejiang, Dolkun Isa

Probably because you're not blowing hard enough
Via chinaSMACK Beijing Guoan defeated Shanghai Shenhua 3-2 in a legitimately exciting match tonight in front of a capacity crowd of about 68,000. Beijing went up 2-0 before Shanghai clawed back with two of its own, with Anelka — who otherwise did very little — scoring the equalizer. A beautiful header-goal gave Beijing the lead... Read more »

Belated Top-of-the-Week Links: It’s World Day Against Cyber-Censorship (Belatedly, sorta)

The phone matches the outfit, if you hadn't noticed
H/T Alicia Seeing as how much we hate censorship, we should probably commemorate Reporters Without Borders’ World Day Against Cyber-Censorship. Every March 12 (I realize it’s March 13 in China, but America is 12 to 15 hours behind [excluding Hawaii, obviously], so give me a break) is dedicated to the “support of a single Internet without... Read more »

Friday Links: Chai, Like Shit, Sometimes Just Happens: Courtyard ‘Wrongly’ Demolished

NeoCha - Gantz
Macao-based graffiti artists GANTZ5, via NeochaEDGE  Well, this sucks: The demolition of a courtyard, on Qinlao Hutong in Nanluoguxiang, was wrongly conducted as it was not included in the government plan for the construction of an underground parking lot, said cultural heritage campaigners yesterday. [Global Times] I guess now’s as good a time as any to... Read more »

Top-of-the-Week Links: Who will win the Linsanity trademark? There is no pun here. Really

Chinese woman with dildo
Via ChinaSmack The day after an “Emmy Award-winning TV news correspondent” compared Jeremy Lin to Jackie Robinson in China Daily and wrote, “Lin is a devout Christian. But I think his success has more to do with Confucian rather than Christian values,” and, “But until his team eventually loses a game and the champagne corks stop popping”... Read more »