Police Are Now Using Pistols And Shovels To Kill Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiff shot and beaten 6
Not a week after we learned about a Tibetan Mastiff that was brutally shot to death by armed officers, here's a story about two Tibetan Mastiffs shot -- with pistols -- and beaten -- with shovels -- by police officers and residents of a village in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. NetEase has the story and pictures. Warning: pictures aren't pleasant to look at.

Man Ingests Rabies, Dies After Refusing Treatment

Rabies death in Jiangsu
Rabies is a third-world problem: it's treatable as long as you have money and access to the proper medical care. (Ninety-five percent of human deaths are in Asia and Africa, according to the World Health Organization.) In Jiangsu province, a father chose -- out of monetary reasons -- to not seek treatment after sucking blood out of a dog bite on his son, and is dead as a result.

Dog Owner And Two Dogs Die Of Electric Shock In Beijing Pet Park

Beijing Chaoyang pet pool dog death
This is quite the tragic story. On August 9 at about 4 pm, a young man, reportedly 26, went to Kudi Pet Park in Beijing's Chaoyang Park with his wife and two dogs. Only his wife would walk out alive. "This used to be a dog amusement park, now it's a park of horrors," an eyewitness tells a Beijing TV reporter in the above video. "The pet park is for dogs to go swimming," another eyewitness says. "We all raise our dogs like they're our children, and then this happens!"

Woman Threatens To “Castrate” Neighbor’s Dog Accused Of Raping Her Purebred

Dog accused of rape
A woman in Guangzhou who saw a neighbor's pooch mounting her purebred is calling it rape and demanding 100,000 yuan in compensation. She's also threatened to "castrate" her neighbor's dog, in Global Times's words, which brings up the all-important question: what the hell does that mean? Is she planning on slicing off the dog's dick with a box cutter? Perform sorcery on it like the sadistic wizard did to Varys? Like Fulbert did to Abélard, whereupon the neutered mutt enters a canine monastery?

Chinese city using dogs to detect earthquakes… dogs that bark incessantly, annoying everyone

The East is Read
In the age of hypersensitive geological instruments and scientific tools, isn’t it nice to know that the best way to detect earthquakes is with a warm-bloodied creature called a dog? Right, no. It’s a quaint idea — using canines to predict the earth’s tremors — but after implementation in one Chinese city, it’s also something... Read more »

What The Fuck? Oh, It’s Just Dogs In Pantyhose

Dogs in pantyhose 1
Forgive us for being a week late to this, and we really don’t have anything to add to Kotaku’s story – “Hong Kong news site Sharp Daily (via IT Media) is reporting that on Chinese social networking site Weibo, many users are uploading gag photos of their dogs wearing panty hose, joking how ‘sexy’ the mutts look,” writes Brian... Read more »

Dogs In Chongqing Still Waiting To Be Rescued As Netizens Launch Social Media Campaign

Chongqing dogs needing rescue 1
In what's being called the "32 Dog-Saving Campaign," netizens in Chongqing are rallying to save hundreds of dogs that were intercepted off a transport truck Friday night. The "32" refers to March 2, the day that dozens of people assembled at the scene where canines, fresh off the truck, remained tied up or locked in cages. You can get a glimpse in the video above.

Report: 900 dogs rescued from cramped truck in Chongqing

The East is Read
Another day, another truckload of dogs saved from slaughter. Yesterday, an animal rescue shelter said 900 canines were rescued from a truck in Chongqing. Reports AP: Chen Mingcai of the Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association said that a travelling citizen became suspicious of the truck and called police, who detained the truck driver on Friday... Read more »

Watch: White Lion Cub Finds Home With Puppy Litter, Dog Mom

White Lion Cub Finds Home With Puppy Litter, Dog Mom
Via Russia Today's YouTube description: A rare white lion cub was born in on Tuesday in China's Quanzhou Amusement Park in eastern Fujian Province. The cub's parents were both normal African lions with a yellow/brown coloring which makes the white lion even more unusual. Since it was the first time the female lion had given birth, keepers were worried about feeding problems so found a dog to nurse the lion cub along with her puppies.

Dogfighting In Beijing Is As Sickening As Dogfighting Elsewhere

Dogfighting in Beijing
We hope this isn’t a trend. On October 10, just east of the community health center in a courtyard in Beijing’s Daxing District, according to Sohu, two rings were set up to stage a day of dogfighting. Hundreds of onlookers and dozens of gamblers were ringside, and up to 20,000 200,000 yuan’s worth of bets were... Read more »

Happy Ending For Lucky, The Dog That Survived An 18-Story Fall

Earlier this month we wrote about a Bichon Frise that was tossed out of an 18th-story window in Beijing’s Xiandai SOHO because its owner was annoyed with it. Somehow, after landing on the windshield of a Honda, the dog survived. And now we’re happy to report — belatedly — that the little guy, named Lucky... Read more »

This Is Probably The Ugliest Dressed Dog You’ll Ever See

Yes, this is ANIMAL
ANIMAL, it says. That’s the best part. Hello — yes, this is ANIMAL. This picture is part of a collection via Xinhua called “Beauty pageant of dogs.” (There’s something Xinhua isn’t telling us, I’m sure.) Animal has absolutely no fashion sense, but what about this one here…

Dog Crossing The Street Results In Car Going Up In Flames

Dog Crossing The Street Results In Car Going Up In Flames
Good Day LA brings us this video from "China." On Saturday, a driver of a black Audi tried to avoid hitting a dog crossing the road, only to get blindsided by another car and sent veering into the other side of the road, whereupon it crashed head-on with another vehicle. To complete this comedy of errors, the Audi then caught on fire. Meanwhile, the dog -- which got clipped but not run over -- spun in circles.