Wanted: Marxist-Leninist scholar who can also handle a zoo animal or two

Insert every Animal Farm reference you can think of. Go ahead, just dump em here. Because they’re appropriate for this story, via SCMP:

The Yangcheng Evening News recently stumbled upon Guangzhou Zoo’s entrance exam and found a section of it aimed at evaluating applicants’ “mastery” of Marxist-Leninist thought.

This means the 15 zookeepers being recruited at the government-run zoo need to be proficient at preparing animal feed, inspecting manure as well as understanding the theories of labour value and human nature.

A zookeeper with a nursing degree, sure; gotta make sure they have compassion. A sociology degree, even better; humans at zoos can be as animalistic as the creatures they’re there to see. Marxist-Leninist? To repress the rising of the pigs? Keep em on their literal fours?

According to the article, the exam includes an interview and a written exam which tests applicants on “cultural and historical knowledge, parks and zoo-related knowledge and the philosophy and principles of Marxism”. It was commissioned by Guangzhou’s Municipal Bureau of Human Resources.

Who knows.

Zookeeper wanted: good animal skills; previous Marxist knowledge an advantage (SCMP, H/T Alicia)

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