Report: 900 dogs rescued from cramped truck in Chongqing

Another day, another truckload of dogs saved from slaughter. Yesterday, an animal rescue shelter said 900 canines were rescued from a truck in Chongqing. Reports AP:

Chen Mingcai of the Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association said that a travelling citizen became suspicious of the truck and called police, who detained the truck driver on Friday night.

Chen said he was later contacted by a netizen who had seen a photo of the dogs left in the truck on the entrance of an expressway in southwestern Chongqing city.

Two dogs reportedly did not make it, but the story was posted to social media, and as we’ve seen it happen before, concerned citizens went to the scene to see if they could help.

He said that by Saturday afternoon volunteers from the animal center and other animal lovers who had seen postings about the dogs on social media had arrived at the truck wanting to help the dogs. Chen says three people were injured in clashes with suspected dog sellers who had also turned up.

Forty to 50 volunteers are currently taking care of dogs, and it’s unclear what will happen to them.

China Volunteers Rescue 900 Dogs in Cramped Truck (AP)

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