Forced Sterilization In Hubei Results In Woman’s Death

Shen Hongxia
Most of us are familiar with the thought process behind China’s One Child Policy. But in practice, the laws enforcing population control fall short as ethics and morals fly out the window. Actual enforcement of said laws differ based on location and the socioeconomic status of those who challenge the policy. Some women and their... Read more »

Could Work, Almost: To Circumvent China’s One-Child Policy, Abandon Your Child, Then Adopt It

One-child policy
This is risky, but for those Chinese mothers out there who want a second child without paying the taxes and fines, try what this Zhejiang woman did. Via SCMP (citing Qianjiang Evening News): The 37-year-old woman, surnamed Chen, gave birth to a girl in November last year. She then gave the baby to a relative who later... Read more »

Forced Abortion Update: It’s All Settled, Apparently

Forced abortion
Feng Jianmei, who was forcibly aborted last month, and her husband Deng Jiyuan, who went missing for a while but has since resurfaced, have signed a settlement with their local government, reports Xinhua: The family of a young Chinese woman forced to have a late-term abortion has agreed to settle the case out of court after... Read more »

Worst City In The World Apologizes To Woman For Its Officials Forcing Her To Abort At Seven Months

Feng Jianmei
Understated as always, Xinhua reports that the city government that employed the officials who were responsible for forcing 27-year-old Feng Jianmei to abort after seven months have “apologized.” In person, I wonder? Via email? Text message? Fucking assholes. The city government of Ankang on Thursday evening apologized to a woman who underwent a forced abortion at... Read more »

The Worst Story You’ll Read Today: Seven-Month Pregnant Woman Beaten, Forcibly Aborted [UPDATE]

Jianmei abortion
[IMAGE - warning: very graphic, featuring an aborted fetus, laid Godfather-style, next to her injured mother.] This is disgusting, infuriating and frightening all rolled into one. An organization called Women’s Rights Without Frontiers learned from a China-based human rights organization, 64Tianwang (warning: graphic images), that a woman in Shanxi province (Ed’s note: Global Times says it’s Shaanxi) named Feng... Read more »