Could Work, Almost: To Circumvent China’s One-Child Policy, Abandon Your Child, Then Adopt It

One-child policy

This is risky, but for those Chinese mothers out there who want a second child without paying the taxes and fines, try what this Zhejiang woman did. Via SCMP (citing Qianjiang Evening News):

The 37-year-old woman, surnamed Chen, gave birth to a girl in November last year. She then gave the baby to a relative who later told police they had found an abandoned baby at their doorstep.

Chen then tried to adopt the baby she just abandoned.

The police grew suspicious after Chen anxiously tried to drive away people who wanted to adopt the baby, claiming she would adopt it herself.

A DNA test later confirmed Chen was the biological mother, the report said.

We’re not told what Chen’s penalty is, but can anyone blame Chen for taking those measures? What was she going to do, put her faith in family planning officials?

Just this week, it was reported that a family planning official ran over a 13-month-old toddler in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. The driver and a local official have been detained for that one, with the investigating pending.

Woman ‘abandons’ second child to avoid fines (SCMP)

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