Today In Horrible Ways To Accidentally Kill Your Spouse And Yourself…

Setting cars on fire in Xinjiang

Horrible and horrible, this story from Global Times, citing a report from Qianjiang Evening News, taking place in Ningbo, Zhejiang province on June 18. We hesitate to begin…

41-year-old driver surnamed Lin, who was issued a driver’s license in May, was practicing backing up her Lexus RX270 SUV into a parking space as her husband directed from behind, when she backed up too far and pinned him against the wall.

That’s bad.

Lin stuck her head out the window upon hearing her husband’s scream, and accelerated in an attempt to move forward.

I don’t like where this is headed.

She however forgot to change gears from reverse to drive, which not only killed him instantly but caused her head to get stuck between the car and a wall along the parking space.


The couple’s 6-year-old daughter saw the entire tragedy unfold from inside the car.

C’est… la vie?

Lin had successfully parked in the space once before that day, but her husband asked her to do it again because she needed the practice.

No more words.

Woman kills husband, self while learning to park (Global Times, h/t James Tiscione)

    11 Responses to “Today In Horrible Ways To Accidentally Kill Your Spouse And Yourself…”

    1. mp2u

      It’s unfortunate, they had 2 daughters. We live in that building and a lot of people have been by to pay their respects.

        • mp2u

          I don’t know. This building is one of the last to be built in this community. So most people have only been living here less than 6 months. I have only met a few neighbours, I didn’t know them. But if she was illegal I am sure the family planning bureau will pay a visit.

    2. Jay

      Both new drivers – new to the technology, and making poor decisions.

      I’ve seen many people in China have problems with new technology – e.g. escalators – when to step on, when to step off – any technology that is new to you has a learning curve.

      I’m sorry they both made such poor decisions.

    3. Jake the Muss!

      Hopefully the 6 year old who witnessed it all will be too traumatized to ever try and drive. So we have one less Chinese driver on the road, and the world becomes that little bit safer. As the saying goes, in China you always get a happy ending!

    4. Blake

      That poor child, whenever she hears someone say “Dao, dao, dao, dao, dao”, she will think of her father’s last words.

    5. Eurotrash

      That Lexus had back-up warning signals as well as video. How did this happen? (I know. Chinese driver.)


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