Drunk Chinese Passengers Try To Steal Bottles Of Wine On Air France Flight, Make Asses Of Themselves

Drunk passenger steals wine Air France
Flying drunk isn’t as fun as it seems. For one, the altitude is liable to give you a massive hangover, combining the sort of jackhammer headaches with swirling, Terrence-Malick-roving-cloud-type nausea that make you swear off drinking forever. And two, you might make a complete ass of yourself, like two recent passengers of an Air France... Read more »

Punishment Comes Down On Yan Linkun For His Epic Airport Meltdown

Yan Linkun
The CPPCC official who went ballistic after missing his flight in Kunming has been suspended from the mining company that employs him, according to People’s Daily. The better penalty may have already been levied though, in the form of shame: Yan Linkun, the deputy chairman of Yunnan Mining Corp, is now the face of airport meltdowns the world... Read more »

Passengers Scratch, Claw And Scream In Kunming Airport Over Interminable Delays, Lack Of Heat And Hot Water

Kunming Airport chaos
A near-riot broke out at Changshui International Airport in Kunming last Thursday, as wont to happen in Chinese airports now and then. Pictures surfaced of passengers screaming at airline staff, beating up ground crew, climbing over check-in counters, commandeering the airport’s broadcast system and generally taking their anger out on any computers or ticket machines... Read more »

Here’s NMA’s Wanking Video That Cathay Pacific Convinced YouTube To Remove

Cathay Pacific wanking featured image
As any healthy male knows, the desire to masturbate on an airplane can be OVERWHELMING. Yet who among us is willing to take matters into his own hands? I'll tell you: Cathay Pacific business travelers, that's who. On September 17, Next Media Animation in Taiwan got a tip that passengers on Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific flights were, if not exactly encouraged to, allowed to join their own one-man Mile High clubs.

Chinese Man On Flight Confuses Emergency Exit For Lavatory Door

Airplane exit
We want you to note that this particular 52-year-old Chinese passenger on a Hong Kong Airlines flight from Bali had to be restrained, as AFP puts it in a short five-paragraph story published yesterday: The door failed to open and crew stepped in to physically restrain the man, who was identified only by his surname Peng.... Read more »

Another Fight On A Chinese Flight, This Time Caught On Camera

Flight fight
Last week, a "violent fight" between two Chinese passengers on a 200-person flight from Zurich to Beijing caused the pilot (or an equally harebrained decision-maker) to turn the plane around after more than six hours in the air. (I can't imagine what possible reason a pilot could give for doing this, or the passengers' resultant anger.) Sadly, no one on the flight took a video, but we imagine it would have looked something like the above