Here’s A 1,320-Pound Mooncake In Changchun [Update: An Even Bigger One In Hefei!]

Gigantic mooncake in Changchun 2

A 15-centimeter thick, 3-meter wide mooncake weighing 1,200 jin (600 kg, or 1,323 lbs) was unveiled at Eurasia Supermarket in Changchun, Jilin province yesterday, according to China Navis. The pictures that follow are via Sina Weibo.

That’s a lot of mooncake to not eat. The main ingredients are flour — lots of flour — sugar, nuts, and red bean paste. The top of the cake depicts the story of Chang’e flying to the moon, the legend that inspired the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is tomorrow.

Speaking of mooncakes.

Gigantic mooncake in Changchun

UPDATE, 9/19, 1:02 pm: Disgusting mooncake in Hefei:

Mooncake in Hefei

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