Love In The Digital Age: The Turmoil – And Love – In Sheng Tianhong’s Paintings

“Old Injury, New Love” by Sheng Tianhong
Our friends at Beijing Today will sporadically swing by to introduce art and culture in the city. This week, a man who paints of and with love. Sheng Tianhong’s heart is wholly devoted to painting. Born in Zhejiang Province in 1973 and a graduate from the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts, he moved to Dusseldorf, Germany at the age of 24 to travel and develop his career.

The Animated Feature Everyone Wants To See

Big Fish & Chinese Flowering Crabapple featured image
It’s not every day that a Chinese animated film manages to secure more than 1 million yuan in funding. It’s even rarer that that money comes from the crowd. But 3,596 backers saw promise in Big Fish & Chinese Flowering Crabapple, a new film by Liang Xuan. Enough promise that they donated 1.58 million yuan over 45 days on Demohour. It now holds the title of China’s most successful crowd-funded project to date.

The Second Age Of Modern China’s Enlightenment: The New Wave Movement, Reexamined

Dream of Sea by Chen Ren
Our friends at Beijing Today will be swinging by now and then to introduce art and culture around the city. This week, get acquainted with modern creations as the National Art Museum of China reexamines the New Wave movement of 1985, which began with an essay and series of pictures by graduate students at the Zhejiang Art Academy (now the China Academy of Art). They ran wildly counter to the Chinese mainstream at the time, emphasizing a deeper perspective on humanity – one that respected individuality and free expression.

A Storied Comic On Display At National Art Museum of China

Sanmao as drawn after the revolution of 1949
In 1935, cartoonist Zhang Leping created one of Asia’s most enduring characters: Sanmao. The emaciated boy, named for the three hairs on his head, lent a friendly face to Shanghai’s nameless street urchins and children orphaned by Japanese attacks. But more importantly, Sanmao’s bitter adventures captured the spirit of social injustice in the city’s “golden era.”

A Different Type Of Crowdfunding For Filmmaker Moxie Peng’s “My 17 Gay Friends”

My 17 Gay Friends featured image
The bar Alfa was hopping last Friday as actors / patrons gathered for a casting call / fundraiser for indie director Moxie Peng’s newest project, My 17 Gay Friends. Eighty percent of the night’s collected cover went to support the production. Attendees had the choice of being a judge or trying out for a role in the film. Judges were given masks to protect their identities and limited to choosing only two candidates.

Watch: Independent Director’s Debut Film About China’s “Parasite Singles”

Critical film tackles the topic of China’s parasite singles
Our friends at Beijing Today will be swinging by every now and then to introduce art and culture around the city. This week, please meet independent filmmaker Lei Yong, whose debut The Young Play Games, The Old Play Tai Chi tells the life of China's "parasite singles," young people who have enjoyed education and opportunity but remain unemployed and hapless.