Xu Li’s Mysterious Modern Ink Paintings

Xu Li - Art Bridge Gallery 1
Using simple lines and traditional ink, Xu Li brings ancient ghosts and ladies to life on xuan paper. Xu is a representative of China’s “grassroots” artist movement, a group of classically educated artists who have given up on academics to focus on creating art that is closer to everyday life.

Classical Beauties Modernized In Zhang Botao’s Oil Paintings

Zhang Botao Sorrowful beauties 4
Zhang Botao searches for remnants of ancient tradition in China’s modern women. Since 2010, he has been working on oil paintings inspired by ancient beauties at his studio in the Songzhuang artist colony. His paintings blend modern figures with ancient oriental traits. Each of the women in his works show eyes full of desperation and sorrow.

UCCA Exhibition Explores Art In A “Post-Internet” World

UCCA Post Internet
A new exhibition at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, curated by Karen Archery and Robin Peckham, is exploring the character of new art whose concepts, ideas, dissemination and reception are defined by a post-Internet world. Titled “Art Post-Internet,” the collection includes works by artists based in New York, London and Berlin.

Hutong Art Space Presents Group Exhibition: “Hermeneutics Of A Room”

Born in 1983, Camille Ayme pursues a body of work evolving around the components of the modern city. Her 2010 collaboration on the TV series Skins in New York led her to rethink the notions of characters, sets and fictions.
Among the hundreds of galleries in Beijing, Intelligentsia Gallery is quite unusual in its interactive approach to exhibitions. Created as a room of sorts, it regularly gathers the works of painters, sculptures and photographers into a shared space that enables visitors to interact with the art. This March, it is presenting a group exhibition titled Hermeneutics of a Room. Featured artists include Meng Zhigang, Simona Rota, Matjaž Tančič, James Ronner and Camille Ayme.

Journalist Discovers Poverty, Humanity In China’s Backwater Regions

Face of poverty
Starting from the age of 10, Jiangnan Yiling, editor-in-chief of Size Outdoor magazine, traveled with his father to snowy mountains, harsh deserts, Buddhist shrines, and the Tibetan steppe. Last month, he spoke at UCCA about his travels and the inspiration for his charity projects. A visit to an elementary school in Yushu, Qinghai province changed his life in 2009.

For County Officials, Poverty Is A Mask For Corruption

Malipo County
The China Dream is in trouble according to a recent report by The Mirror. The investigative report, published on February 7, said the number of impoverished counties in China rose from 331 in 1985 to 592 in 2012. This purported slide into poverty runs contrary to three decades of explosive economic growth and seriously clashes with the government’s official reporting of 98.9 million people in poverty nationwide. But rather than unmasking a hidden class of impoverished citizens...

Ma Haifang’s Art Brings Old Beijing To Life

Ma Haifang’s art
No one can doubt Ma Haifang’s Beijing credentials. Born in the city in 1956, Ma studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1981 with a degree in traditional painting. Like many masters in his field, he has spent the years since working at People’s Art Publishing House as a supervisor. Ma obsesses about Beijing life. Each of his works capture daily life in Old Beijing and festival celebrations.