An Interview With Guda, Star And Producer Of The Xinhua-Endorsed Fetish Film “Lethal Injection”

Xinhua confuses porn 4

In the above picture, a doctor is about to administer a lethal injection to the woman being strapped to the bed. It’s a stark and somber scene, only more shocking because a cameraman was allowed to document, close-up, the stages of this real-life execution.

At least, that’s what Xinhua, the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China, thought when it published a slideshow titled, “Actual Record of Female Inmate’s Execution – Exposing the World’s Darkest Side.” (The pictures have since been removed, but you can find them on the website Out of My Face.) It turns out the images were actually screengrabs from a 2011 porno titled Lethal Injection, produced by DSP Booking ( and starring its founder, Guda, who plays the doctor.

“Looks like she is not happy with being killed and is fighting with the guard and myself,” Guda, asked what was happening in the scene, told us via email. “She looks like she was knocked out, strapped down and checked for her vital signs, then executed by lethal injection. Then I bang her.”

Oh. Do continue…

How do you feel about Xinhua?

I love them and would like to ask them for a tour of their beautiful country. I will give them demonstrations of our execution techniques and possible alliterative uses for the cute’r cadavers.

How did you find out Xinhua screengrabbed your movie, and what was your reaction?

One of our customers forwarded the link to my partner. I tweeted and sent out a few emails, then I took off all my clothes and did some jumping and yelling.

How does it feel to be excerpted, albeit inadvertently, by China’s most official, topmost news agency?

I’ve had hundreds of body cavity searches so it felt pretty good.

Will you use this exposure in future pitches, clips, or promotional material? “Guda, as seen on Xinhua”?

I am a shameless self-promoter. This all works out very well, fitting nicely into my plans for world domination. I would like a copy of the actual paper, although that probably could be faked pretty easy.

How did the inspiration / idea for Lethal Injection come about?

All our movies are custom-made ( So someone wrote the script and paid us to make it.

What misconceptions exist about fetish porn? Do you think Xinhua might have shed light on any of these misconceptions?

The biggest misconception is that these types of movies inspire people to do these types of acts for real. What website/movie inspirited the Medieval torture chambers? Xinhua shed light on the best custom movie-maker in the industry. There may have been some misconceptions that I was not the best. But I think we have cleared that up pretty good here.

May have to use your imagination slightly on this one — if you could cast Xinhua in a fetish porn, what role would it play?

Xinhua is most defiantly a villain. Lying is bad nkay…  but I’d make it funny so Xinhua would have a huge cock.

Before this incident, what did you know about Xinhua? Knowing what you know now… what would you guess they are like?

I keep up on world events pretty well. Had I been asked directly if I knew who they were, I’d have had to make an educated guess as to who they were. My guess is they are the Chinese version of Fox News.

Guda runs DSP Booking (, and can be followed on Twitter @maxcoxxx.

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