Police Identify Arsonist Who Set Hangzhou Bus On Fire

Hangzhou bus fire
On Saturday morning, a middle-aged man boarded Bus No. 7 in Hangzhou and lit a package of flammable liquids. The ensuing flames injured at least 32 passengers, with 24 in critical condition. You can watch the frightening scene above, and also check out the scene from the street, outside the flaming bus.

Bus Plummets Into Foggy Xinjiang Valley, 15 Dead

Xinjiang bus crash
A bus drove off the road and plunged into a valley near Miaoergou village in Changji Hui autonomous prefecture, Xinjiang on Tuesday evening, killing at least 15. According to AP, citing state media, the bus was carrying 36 passengers. This was the latest fatal bus crash since the last one.

Arson Suspected In Bus Fire In Xiamen That Killed 47 [UPDATE]

Xiamen bus fire kills 47b
Authorities are searching for a suspect they believe caused a bus fire in Xiamen, Fujian province during evening rush hour on Friday, killing 47 people and injuring 34."Some witnesses said they heard explosions about ten minutes after the fire broke out," reports Xinhua. Fifteen students who had just completed tests were on the bus, according to a press conference held earlier today.

Old Man Attacks University Student For Not Offering Her Bus Seat

Old man fights young woman for not giving up her seat on the bus
Oh geez, more adventures on buses. In Suzhou, Jiangsu province on Saturday morning, an old man began striking and kicking a young woman he felt should have given him her seat. Of course it's traditional in China for passengers to offer their seats for elders -- we are constantly reminded of this via prerecorded messages on public transit -- but why was this one particular girl singled out?

Old Man In Tianjin Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident After Grabbing The Driver Of A Moving Bus

Old man grabs bus driver causes accident featured image
An 83-year-old man was riding bus No. 606 in Tianjin on the morning of May 22 when he missed his stop. Instead of doing what normal people might, which is to get off at the next stop and backtrack, he threw a massive fit, lost control, and berated the bus driver, "I didn't see you stop at all!" And then the old man seized the driver by the shoulder while the bus was still moving -- something no one should do.