Police Identify Arsonist Who Set Hangzhou Bus On Fire

On Saturday morning, a middle-aged man boarded Bus No. 7 in Hangzhou and lit a package of flammable liquids. The ensuing flames injured at least 32 passengers, with 24 in critical condition. You can watch the frightening scene above, and also check out the scene from the street, outside the flaming bus.

Police have identified the man as 34-year-old Bao Laixu from Gansu province. Motive is currently unknown, but terrorism has been ruled out. Global Times reports, “A source close to local authorities told the Global Times the suspect is not a Hangzhou resident, nor is he a Uyghur.”

The incident could have been worse, considering there were 80 people onboard and the fire was lit right in the middle of the bus, right next to the door.

Here’s a picture of the suspect:

Hangzhou bus arsonist

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