Old Man In Tianjin Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident After Grabbing The Driver Of A Moving Bus

An 83-year-old man was riding bus No. 606 in Tianjin on the morning of May 22 when he missed his stop. Instead of doing what normal people might, which is to get off at the next stop and backtrack, he threw a massive fit, lost control, and berated the bus driver, “I didn’t see you stop at all!”

And then the old man seized the driver by the shoulder while the bus was still moving — something no one should do.

The driver jerked the steering wheel counterclockwise as other passengers began screaming in the background.

No. 606 slammed into a bus on its left before veering to the right and crashing through a barrier, coming to a stop before completely going onto the other side of the road.

Luckily, after all this, only two people were injured, and none seriously, according to the news report.

The old man was reprimanded — sternly, we imagine — but there was no word about whether he would incur serious punishment. The case remains under investigation.

Adventures on buses continue.

(H/T Reddit)

    4 Responses to “Old Man In Tianjin Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident After Grabbing The Driver Of A Moving Bus”

    1. KalanStar

      The last vid I saw of a Chinese old man on public transit, it was of one beating a young girl… Now this. Old people these days… What’s the world coming to?

    2. Boooooooooya

      I love the ending. “The cause of the accident is still under investigation.” What’s left to investigate?

    3. Markoff

      well, sometimes I think capital punishment in China is not bad thing and it should be used in cases like this, old man trying to accomplish mass murder, he should be executed or rot in jail until end of his poor life, these animals will never realize how dangerous is their behavirous until police will start enforcing the laws


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