Dog Stranded On Fourth-Story Air Conditioner In Sanlitun. WTF?

Dog on AC for hours
Animal lovers, and doting dog owners in particular, will probably want to shield their eyes. Spotted earlier tonight in Sanlitun, this white dog apparently sat on top of an air conditioner outside its fourth-story apartment for “hours,” according to witnesses in Hercules, the third-floor sandwich shop across the street. This image and the one after the jump... Read more »

Girl On Pug

Girl on pug
A bona fide work of art, this. Found by Alicia in Xinhua’s “Funny moments of those eccentric kids,” attributed to

Young Lady Fights Elderly Grandmother After Unleashed Dog Harasses Child

Young Lady Fights Elderly Grandmother After Unleashed Dog Harasses Child featured image
A few days ago at a shopping mall in Zunhua, Tangshan, Hebei province, security cameras caught a small dog being a small dog, by which I mean terrorizing a small child. The boy's grandmother tried to shoo the dog away (we don't know if she struck it, because that part is off-camera). This act infuriated the dog's owner, a young girl who began attacking the woman, who was in her 60s. Store attendants momentarily pulled the two apart, but the young girl continued to chase the grandmother, eventually throwing her onto the ground, where she remained for a long while before going to the hospital.

Another Case Of Interspecies Weaning

Dog nurses white tigers featured image
Last week, we saw a dog nurse three kittens. Not to be outdone, a hero bitch in Shangdong province has taken it upon herself to nurse four of a much larger species of cat. On the same day that she gave birth to two puppies, Laifu was asked (forced?) by wildlife zoo attendants in Rongcheng to nurse four white tiger cubs whose mother, Afang, had abandoned them.

Take A Minute To Enjoy The Indubitable Cuteness Of A Dog Nursing Three Kittens

Dog nurses kittens featured image
This past Monday was National Hug Your Cat Day. If you didn’t know that, you’re already less of a cat lover than this dog here, a five-year-old in Shandong who was recently found nursing three tiny creatures. Her owners initially thought they were puppies, but upon closer inspection, they discovered that the infants were actually... Read more »

The Story Of The Stray Dog And His Eventual Owner

The Story Of The Stray Dog And His Eventual Owner featured image(1)
On May 4, a stray white dog accepted a chicken leg from a cyclist in Sichuan, and when the men left, he followed. And followed. And followed. And 1,700 kilometers later, he was on the Tibetan Plateau. On the evening of May 23, he arrived in Lhasa and checked into a hotel with one of the riders, Xiao You, who updated the dog's Sina Weibo page. Named Xiao Sa, which means "Little Bodhisattva," he went in for a complete checkup, which revealed no problems. The veterinary hospital, after hearing Xiao Sa's story, decided to foot the 1,000-yuan bill.

This Chicken-Raping Puppy GIF Wins

Dog on chicken
This video, originally 10 minutes, first appeared about four years (full version on Youku after the jump), and possibly because of its length, it lived down to its viral potential. There was too much pictorial white noise, so that a punchy title such as “Dog Lures Chicken Into Love Den, Proceeds To Hump (Rape?) It” didn’t... Read more »

Golden Retriever Guards, Then Sits On Back Of, Bike

Golden Retriever Guards, Then Sits On Back Of, Bike
Apparently this dog, Li Li, is a local celebrity in Nanning, Guangxi province. Dubbed "bike hugging dog" (according to YouTube video description), it patiently waits for its owner to get done with his errands, then hops onto the back of the bike, barks to signal it's ready, and somehow maintains his balance as the biped pedals away.

Beijing Zoo: A Dog We’ve Seen Before, In A New Wardrobe

Dog in stripes
H/T Venin Chen via John Name: Muean (Thai name). Three or four years old. She was the first dog to be featured on this website, actually. Obviously her wardrobe changes with the season. Got an animal you’d like to see featured? Send to |Beijing Zoo Gallery|