Dog Refuses To Leave Fallen Owner, Is Better Samaritan Than Most People

The old cliche about dog being man’s best friend wouldn’t be a cliche if not for stories like this one from Guiyang, Guizhou province. Although this one comes with an absurd twist.

On Sunday, a dog-owner fell in the middle of the street, reason unknown. His companion grew immediately concerned, as is evident by its ears tucked back, eyes whimpering, anxiety and genuine concern written on its face. Contrast this look with the expression on the two traffic cops who come wandering by…

Watch how they regard the prone man. One of them bends down and asks the unconscious guy a question, getting — surprisingly — no response. (And how the heck did the camera get there, anyway? No idea.)

When the traffic cops reach for the man’s identification, we’re told the dog begins yapping. More people circle around, doing absolutely nothing. The dog begins to lose it, barking in its language, “Damnit, man, CALL AN AMBULANCE. I’d drive him myself, but I’m a dog.”

After the cameraman has gotten about four different angles and B-roll, an ambulance arrives. Sensing utter incompetence closing in on his owners, the canine then decides it should not let the bipeds touch his friend. It begins to somewhat freak out, and is only subdued after someone realizes it’s actually quite small and harmless.

The unconscious man is finally loaded into the ambulance while people continue to marvel at the dog, who they encourage to hop into the back with its owner. The man continues to remain passed out.

We never do find out if the man, you know, survives. That dog though — what a treasure.

(I jest — the man most likely is fine, otherwise this whole episode would have been too absurd even for China; and this is a country that gave us chicken-raping puppy and a golden retriever sitting on the back of a moving bike.)

    2 Responses to “Dog Refuses To Leave Fallen Owner, Is Better Samaritan Than Most People”

    1. California Kid

      This only goes to show that dogs have more heart, concern for mankind, and common sense than most Chinese. Perhaps the CCP should consider hiring dogs to patrol the streets and care for the people in the communities.


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