This Is Probably The Ugliest Dressed Dog You’ll Ever See

ANIMAL, it says. That’s the best part. Hello — yes, this is ANIMAL.

This picture is part of a collection via Xinhua called “Beauty pageant of dogs.” (There’s something Xinhua isn’t telling us, I’m sure.) Animal has absolutely no fashion sense, but what about this one here…

Is that even a dog?

Or is this the ugliest dressed dog ever?

And, sorry, but what the fuck?

This one has a BANANA for a tail:

I’m not even going to comment on this one:

But the real ugliest one is the one that didn’t even try:

Luckily, we know which dog wins best-dressed:

Of course. It’s the one that looks like a panda. Pandas always win.

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    1. laowai

      Granted some of those are really atrocious, but the first one is an obvious reference to The Muppets’ Animal…hence “Animal”


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