Dogs In Chongqing Still Waiting To Be Rescued As Netizens Launch Social Media Campaign

In what’s being called the “32 Dog-Saving Campaign,” netizens in Chongqing are rallying to save hundreds of dogs that were intercepted off a transport truck Friday night. The “32″ refers to March 2, the day that dozens of people assembled at the scene where canines, fresh off the truck, remained tied up or locked in cages. You can get a glimpse in the video above.

Terence Yam of Hong Kong has written the definitive post about this incident, with information culled from Sina Weibo. He wrote that because he’s not in Chongqing, the least he could do was translate the information from social media in the hope that English speakers join the cause. He’s created a Facebook page called “Save the dogs in China – 聲援 「重慶32狗狗大救援」 行動,” and written a note titled “’March 2–Dog Saving Campaign’ in Chongqing reveals Dark side of the China Government. Animal Law in China is urgently needed!” It’s this note that we reproduce below.

Read on if you can bear it. In one case, a female dog owner found her stolen golden retriever on the death truck headed for the slaughterhouse, but had to buy back her pet. Eyewitnesses say volunteers were also beaten, and speculated that the police were in cahoots with the dog traders.

Take it away, Mr. Yam:

By Terence Yam

“Never ever depend upon government or institutions to solve any major problem. All social change comes from the passion of individuals.”, said Margaret Mead in “The Cove”.

I saw this piece of news in China’s tweeter “Weibo” tonight.  As a dog lover and a human being, I decided to translate it and spread it to more people.  If you dislike what the government and dog trader are doing in the story I am about to tell, or you support the action of those volunteers, I urge you to spread this out through your social media network.  We may not be able to say those dogs’ life since they are already in very bad shape.  But spreading this out may help prevent it from happening again!  Thanks for your help. Regards,Terence

Here a quick glance of what happened:

Volunteers stopped a truck full of 927 dogs in cages but the government was on the trader’s side 

  • A volunteer found a truck (car plate: 桂B21759) transporting near a thousand of dogs towards Chongqing. He stopped the truck and reported to the local Animal Health Inspection Department.
  • The government officials said the company got a “Legal” good inspection license and the dogs seem “HEALTHY and Safe for Consumption” (Let’s see with you own eyes if the dogs are really healthy when you scroll down to see the pictures”
  • In fact, most of the dogs were either dead or dying.  (Due to the super crowded living area, lack of water/ food as well as sickness)
  • Dog tags or collars can be found of the dog’s neck, which proves that those dogs are stole from the original owners rather than being raised up for meat.
  • A female dog owner just made it to the scene and found her beloved Golden Retriever.  She has pay the trader to BUY back her dog who was STOLEN in the face of the POLICE!!!
  • The local government department let the truck continue to move on.  The volunteers called for help and more supporters joined in.
Chongqing dogs needing rescue 1

927 dogs were being transported to Chongqing for meat. A girl found her Golden Retriever on the truck and saved him.

Chongqing dogs needing rescue 2
Government officials (the guy in the picture) said the dogs were in good health, while you can see the dogs were in bad shape. (The dog in the right hand side has jelly-shape nasal mucus which is the symptom for terminal canine distemper.

Volunteers got beaten under the police’s acquiescence

  • The group stopped the truck again, trying to save the dogs.  The dog traders summoned a few dozens of gangsters to beat up the volunteers.
  • The dog traders threatened the volunteers that they have guns, and they have been transporting dogs to the butchery for a long time.
  • The police force circled up the scene to prevent the volunteers from walking over to save the dogs.
Chongqing dogs needing rescue 3
Volunteers got beaten, while the police force were guarding the truck for the traders instead of protecting the people!

Local government agreed to inspect the dogs again, but refused to use the standard suggested

  • After nearly 40 hours of endeavor, the trader agreed to let the volunteers unload the dogs (which took four hours) for a new round of health inspection.
  • The local government said they will inspect the dogs again, but refused to use the standard and methods that the volunteers suggested.
  • Not much local media came for the case.  The only two reporters who came turned out couldn’t write the story because of the pressure from their bosses.
  • The dogs, who are men’s best friend and in bad shape, will be transported to the restaurants in the city for serving as food for those dog-meat-eater.
  • Let alone the discussion if dog eating is right or wrong (I personally hate people who eat dogs), viruses and unpredictable diseases may be carried in the meat itself.
  • And most importantly, it is obvious that the dogs trapped in the truck are not what the traders claimed to be privately raised for meat.  They are originally the beloved dogs in many people’s family!   It is too obvious when you look closely.
Chongqing dogs needing rescue 4

Finally they can unload the dogs.

Chongqing dogs needing rescue 5
These dogs must be the beloved companions of some families.

How can you help?

  1. Like this note to let your friends know about this ugly fact in China!
  2. Share it, SPREAD THE NEWS! The government really need some external voice and pressure to do the right thing.
  3. As I said earlier, we may not be able to save the lives of those dogs as they are already in really bad shape.  But with the public pressure, we may be able to push the government to set up certain kind of Animal Laws to prevent bad things like this from happening again.

Thanks for your support in advance and may god be with you.

March 2–Dog Saving Campaign’ in Chongqing reveals Dark side of the China Government. Animal Law in China is urgently needed! (Terence Yam, Facebook)

    2 Responses to “Dogs In Chongqing Still Waiting To Be Rescued As Netizens Launch Social Media Campaign”

    1. Sonya

      Is this for REAL??? You want to still deliver these poor dogs to Restaurants??? and yet you assholes make treats for dogs and send them to Canada, oh that’s right..your dogs are dead as you eat them so no need for treats then I guess…how IRONIC…we don’t eat the likes of a family pet…(YES TO ALL YOU HEATHENS AND YOUR MEAT IS MEAT ATTITUDE…IT’S 2013….DOG IS NOT MEAT)…are you guys for REAL???? Keep all of your garbage you ship out from China to us and eat it your goddamn selves. We don’t want your shit here anymore. What is god’s name is wrong with you people…if you are that desperate for food keep your f*cking dogs treats and china made shit and eat it!!!!!. To the animal loving people there…Get off your damn asses and get every vet and medical person available and help these poor animals out and get them out of those damn cages and get them looked after and adopted ASAP. Don’t be stupid and look like real inhumane IDIOTIC people PLEASE!!!! Prove people wrong , BE A LOUD VOICE to your pathetic government to stop being so barbaric money grabbing filthy trash and FIGHT for some real animal laws to be put in place PLEASE.

    2. LucyBrucey

      TWO more trucks full of dogs in tiny cages were found in two different locations yesterday and earlier today!! One truck has 1300+ dogs on board, the other one has 500+ dogs! All of the dogs are in extremely critical condition, many of them have already died and a lot more are dying due to the brutal condition!!

      A massive nationwide rescue effort is taking place in China right now!Please LIKE the “Fight for Animal Cruelty Laws in China” Facebook page to follow the rescue in real time!! PLEASE share with your friends and family, spread the words! We need your support and help!

      PLEASE, this is very URGENT! Brave Chinese volunteers are doing everything they can trying to save lives of 3000+ dogs in 3 different locations RIGHT NOW!!! PLEASE, we need your support, your voice and your help!!!


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