Dog Crossing The Street Results In Car Going Up In Flames

Good Day LA brings us this video from “China.” On Saturday, a driver of a black Audi tried to avoid hitting a dog crossing the road, only to get blindsided by another car and sent veering into the other side of the road, whereupon it crashed head-on with another vehicle. To complete this comedy of errors, the Audi then caught on fire. Meanwhile, the dog — which got clipped but not run over — spun in circles.

We can laugh about this because everyone survived. “The dog walked away, I’m just getting word here,” the male co-anchor excitedly reports while we watch it scamper away. Youku video for those in China after the jump. UPDATE, 7:58 pm: Now we have a Chinese newscast version of this video, thanks to Alicia.

Chinese newscast:

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