Old Men Will Be Boys: Here’s The Silliest Cause For A Fight You’ll Ever See

Fight over 999 ambulance call Fight over 999 ambulance call 2

Recently in Hong Kong, a male pedestrian fainted on the street outside a busy Jockey Club Center. Two men nearby, ages 59 and 53, witnessed the incident and tried to rouse the pedestrian. Failing that, they came to the conclusion that they should call the police, but an important question remained – which one of them should pick up the phone and dial 999?

Oriental Daily continues this strange tale. The two men began arguing that the other person should make the call, and eventually the quarrel turned into a violent fight. Remember that poor guy lying on the ground? Yes, no worries, he’s still there. The fight drew other people’s attention, and then a third man joined in, and you know how things can become so much more complicated in a threesome.

Finally, someone did call the police. An ambulance arrived and took the injured men to the hospital — but not the one that had been unconscious. While the other three had been fighting, he woke up and quietly left the scene, so no one has any idea what happened to him or if he’s OK.

Police took the three brawlers into custody for fighting in public.

Lesson learnt – God helps people who help themselves. If you faint on the street, rely on yourself and no one else.

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