Woman Beheaded In Sanya, Hainan Province

Woman beheaded in Sanya, Hainan featured image
I'm going to leave this here and back away, because I don't even -- The body of woman, who was beheaded by a man on Friday morning, June 28, 2013 outside a supermarket in Sanya, south China's Hainan Province, is seen lying on the ground. The attacker has been held by police, while the victim has not been identified.

Three young speeding motorcyclists in Hainan, chased by police, die

The East is Read
Surely at some point we've all encountered street racers or speeding motorcyclists in China, usually young people with too much money and too much time. And how many of us have been able to suppress the thought, I really hope they get into trouble. Death? No, not that. But trouble -- a hefty fine, a 12-point driver's license deduction, a single-vehicle wreck...

Foreigner At Sanya Airport Loses It, Gets Progressively Deranged In The Face Of Reason, Makes Mockery Of Chinese Language

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These are the worst type of stories. The. Worst. What we have is a foreigner (laowai) and Chinese person arguing at Sanya Airport in Hainan province. (What is it with Sanya? We saw another foreigner and Chinese person tussle earlier.) The foreigner, wearing a fannypack, accuses the Chinese of cursing and "beating" him. The Chinese guy, presumably the one filming, posts this nationalistic tripe on Youku (a video that's been viewed 225,000 times in the last 11 hours):

Introducing, In China: A Perfect Cut Of Aesthetic Hell

Chinese townhouses in Hainan
Our analysis of this tenement precinct found in Lingshui county, Hainan province begins with the seminal modernist architect Louis Sullivan's famous phrase "form follows function." Buildings should be designed with their purpose in mind, and so it is philosophically laid out here, in this neighborhood, that the purpose of all human life is to sprout like a blade of grass out of red dirt, sway in the wind, and die. All joy is subsumed by the reality of existing. Not one wasted word is spent. You are because you are. Accept it, for residents of Dadun Village are all engaged in the process of death or already dead.

Watch: Hainan University Student Throws Shoe At Inveterate Blowhard Sima Nan [UPDATE]

Hainan student throws shoe at Sima Nan
Chinese pundit Sima Nan, known for, among other things, spewing anti-America rhetoric despite having no qualms about visiting America and getting his head stuck in a Dulles Airport escalator, was giving a lecture at Hainan University yesterday when he ran into a proverbial buzz saw A student took the microphone, stood up, and began coolly rebuking the man on stage, who grew increasingly agitated as it became clear that many of the cheering students in the auditorium weren't on his side. At the 2:30 mark, the student hurls his shoe onto the stage -- a good 20-yard throw, it seems -- drawing more applause.