Pickpocket In Sanya Busted By Foreigners, Then Let Go?

What happens when you’re a pickpocket and you get caught? Other than the loss of face, you’re liable to get the snot kicked out of you.

In Sanya, Hainan province recently, that’s not what happened. A thief reportedly tried to filch a bag, only to be surrounded and seized by a group of foreigners. But after a brief tussle, a Chinese man comes out of the pack with what looks like a satchel, then hightails it while everyone stands around, kind of confused.

No one has really explained what happened. One Weibo user, however, made a passionate, overwrought defense of Sanya in his post, calling it the “cleanest, most worthwhile, pride-inspiring piece of land,” whose reputation deserves better than such Internet smearing. Myself, I think Sanya’s overcrowded. You?

    3 Responses to “Pickpocket In Sanya Busted By Foreigners, Then Let Go?”

    1. Ick

      I don’t see the point in Sanya really. The weathers good, but it’s very expensive, and full of 东北 arseholes. For the same price you can go to thailand, the philipines, malaysia ect which all have better service, environments and (the Philipines aside) better food.

    2. Laoshu

      Western propaganda, the good people from se mosserland would never do that! Must be paid by the imperialists


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