The Best Cultural Revolution Photos You’ll See Today

Cultural Revolution
The NY Times’s photography blog, Lens, has just published 20 stunning pictures from the Cultural Revolution, a “panoramic view” that includes Little Red Books, an execution, and an elongated dunce cap. The images were taken by Harbin photojournalist Li Zhensheng, “perhaps the most complete and nuanced pictorial account of the decade of turmoil ignited by Mao... Read more »

One, Two, Three, Four, Check Out What These Hairdos Are For

Click to enlarge The first day of school can be rough. There’s this strange and combustible mixture of anxiety and giddiness and despair and pent-up energy, to say nothing of the fact that no one knows anyone else’s name. In Shenzhen, one set of parents have come up with a remedy: shaving identifiers into their... Read more »

Mohammed Morsi And Hu Jintao Are The Bestest Of Friends

Hu and Morsi
The Globe and Mail’s East Asia correspondent Mark MacKinnon tweeted this picture last night of Egyptian president Muhammed Morsi and Chinese president Hu Jintao at the Great Wall, and boy is it asking to be meme-ified. “Asshole,” says the bubble cloud floating above Morsi’s head. “Dickwad,” Hu ripostes, the bubble-cloud arrow pointing up his nostril to... Read more »

How Is This Dude Possibly Asleep?

Asleep at the desk
Gaming can be — nay, often is — tiring work. Luckily, the chairs inside Internet cafes are so ergonomic, one can practically sleep more or less on or against them. (H/T Alicia)