In Jilin Snow, Babes, Bikinis, Boobs, And A Ditty

Jilin bikini girls in snow 1
There was a bikini contest in the open air of Jilin, Jilin province yesterday, organized by Beidahu Ski Resort, featuring 40 Chinese and Russian models in two-piece bikinis, snow boots and skis. The Jilin Tourism Bureau’s deputy party secretary, Meng Liru, said via NetEase that they were promoting the ski resort and Jilin City through... Read more »

Because We All Need More Pictures Of Xi Jinping, Here He Is Looking Spiffy In Color And Black And White

Xi Jinping 1
People’s Daily has just published 23 photos of China’s Party Secretary, Xi Jinping (via Xinhua), from various stages of his life. In most of them — keeping with a theme — he looks ordinary. We’re sampling eight more after this top one — eight is auspicious, after all — but you should also check out... Read more »

Let Us Revisit These Color Photos Of China Circa 1912, Part Of The Albert Kahn Project

Color photos China 1912a
Albert Kahn is the best philanthropist you’ve likely never heard of. I hadn’t, anyway, until I was pointed to the Russian website History and Present via Reddit user Hanfresco a little earlier. The top post, published Tuesday, features a sampling of color photos taken in China by French photographer Stephane Passy in 1912, commissioned by — who else? — Albert Kahn.... Read more »

These Are The Best GIFs Of Ancient China That You’ll See Today

Ancient Chinese GIF
Artist Yang Hua Chun, who goes by Taiyangguodu on Deviant Art, has created the best (only?) GIFs of figures from dynastic/feudal China. There are two more images after the jump. “GIF,” by the way, was the “Word of the Year” according to the Oxford University Press, and much like the Nobel Peace Prize, I tend to think... Read more »

No One Can Resist The Animal Magnetism Of Hu Jintao

Fuck it fuck everything GIF
China Daily: “Hu’s report gets nationwide attention.” No, seriously, it says that. RFH has a theory that the people who organize the National Congress intentionally make it as boring as possible to test the outer limits of what “watchdog” journalists are willing to tolerate before they throw up their hands, a la: Chinese media, however,... Read more »

Pictures From The 18th National Congress

18th National Congress
As we prepare to begin the second day of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, here’s a roundup of some pictures from Day 1 and prior. Our coverage so far: Clinging to life; Twitter accounts attacked. More via China Digital Times, MSNBC and Sina.

The Atlantic Has Some Amazing Images Of Contemporary China That You Should Look At

The Atlantic 21st-c China
The Atlantic is running an ongoing series called “Scenes From 21st-Century China,” in which it seeks to show the PRC is a “vast, dynamic nation that continues to grow and evolve.” (We last posted about this in June.) Its latest installment, published Monday, features 42 stunning hi-res images that go a long way toward accomplishing that... Read more »

The Best Cultural Revolution Photos You’ll See Today

Cultural Revolution
The NY Times’s photography blog, Lens, has just published 20 stunning pictures from the Cultural Revolution, a “panoramic view” that includes Little Red Books, an execution, and an elongated dunce cap. The images were taken by Harbin photojournalist Li Zhensheng, “perhaps the most complete and nuanced pictorial account of the decade of turmoil ignited by Mao... Read more »

One, Two, Three, Four, Check Out What These Hairdos Are For

Click to enlarge The first day of school can be rough. There’s this strange and combustible mixture of anxiety and giddiness and despair and pent-up energy, to say nothing of the fact that no one knows anyone else’s name. In Shenzhen, one set of parents have come up with a remedy: shaving identifiers into their... Read more »

Mohammed Morsi And Hu Jintao Are The Bestest Of Friends

Hu and Morsi
The Globe and Mail’s East Asia correspondent Mark MacKinnon tweeted this picture last night of Egyptian president Muhammed Morsi and Chinese president Hu Jintao at the Great Wall, and boy is it asking to be meme-ified. “Asshole,” says the bubble cloud floating above Morsi’s head. “Dickwad,” Hu ripostes, the bubble-cloud arrow pointing up his nostril to... Read more »

How Is This Dude Possibly Asleep?

Asleep at the desk
Gaming can be — nay, often is — tiring work. Luckily, the chairs inside Internet cafes are so ergonomic, one can practically sleep more or less on or against them. (H/T Alicia)