No Fat Chicks, Says Collared Denim-Wearing Boy

No Fat Chicks
Via Imgur, at the Bawangfen South bus stop near Dawanglu in Beijing. Atari, yo. That’s the new old image of badass for the 2000s generation. What’s that, that’s not the Atari logo? Fuck it, I’m a pimp. Gonna go back to reading this now. (H/T Alicia) UPDATE: Picture by Natalie Litofsky!

Girl On Pug

Girl on pug
A bona fide work of art, this. Found by Alicia in Xinhua’s “Funny moments of those eccentric kids,” attributed to

17th-Century China As Depicted In European Engravings

Dapper's engravings
Can a European who never leaves Europe ever have the slightest clue what China is like? It turns out the answer is maybe. Olfert Dapper (1635-1689) was an Amsterdam clergyman and doctor who never traveled abroad but nonetheless produced literature and art about places far, far away. Yesterday, the website BiblioOdyssey – linked to by io9 –... Read more »

Amazing Historic Photographs From China’s Black-And-White Era

Historic photographs
BBC Magazine has an incredible slideshow of photographs from the Republic of China period, before the Cultural Revolution destroyed so many of these type of images. The accompanying story also details Robert Bickers’s efforts to reclaim rare photos as part of the Historical Photographs of China project, which “aims to locate, archive, and disseminate photographs... Read more »

The Many Ways To Market Chinese Firecrackers

Firecrackers 1
They don’t package Chinese firecrackers like they used to, that’s for sure. Mike McHenry, aka Mr. Brick Label on Flickr, has been collecting fireworks labels since 1968, when he was five years old. He’s posted 360 of them, divided into seven time periods, some of which are sampled after the jump. It’s a gift for... Read more »

Eerie, Surreal Defector Drawings Of North Korean Concentration Camps

North Korea concentration camp drawing 1
If suffering is a wellspring for art, there are no greater artists currently living than defectors from North Korea. Witness: this forum, which has compiled drawings from survivors of the country’s brutal concentration and work camps (more are sampled after the jump). The commenters over at Gawker have put China at the top of their... Read more »

The Greatest Father In The Universe, Right Here

Father - baby - crate
It’s easy for non-fathers to joke about what they’re going to do when they have kids, e.g., “When I’m a dad, I’m going to punt my kid around the house like he’s an Aussie football,” or, “I’m not going to spoil my kid, he’s going to sleep in a toolbox underneath the kitchen sink.” But... Read more »