Forget About Kony 2012 In China. The Carl Weathers Meme Has Officially Arrived

Carl Weathers as Joseph Kony
I work at a small newspaper that employs a staff of Chinese writers and editors who write and edit in English. They’re an earnest, hard-working bunch, and I admire them immensely for consistently putting together a publication in their second language. But sometimes, mistakes happen — which is why they employ myself and D, the... Read more »

Now That’s How To (Not?) Do Advertising: A Fresh (Terrible?) Take On A Classic Sign

A poster on Reddit recently saw the above in a restroom and assumed it was a public service announcement. And why wouldn’t it be? The peeing about as accurate as a Tim Tebow pass, the squatting on the rim of the toilet, the doggy-style whizzing, the blowjob… all worthy of a public reminder: AVOID. Couple wrinkles,... Read more »

Beijing Emptied Out: Photos From Lucie & Simon

Silent world - Beijing Railway
Via the Beijinger, the photographer duo Lucie & Simon has re-imagined a world in which (most) people do not exist — only their monuments (to hubris?) remain. The series, called “Silent world,” comprises 29 pictures taken in New York, Paris and Beijing. Ten of the images, in fact, are set here, and judging by the... Read more »

Hey Look, A Red Guard Being Fondled While Saluting Mao (Not For Those Offended By Illustrations Of Boobs)

Young Lust - Red Guard Romance
The Shanghaiist uncovered a bit of a gem earlier today, “Young Lust No. 5: ‘Red Guard Romance,’” by Bill Griffith (Zippy the Pinhead, anyone?) and Jay Kinney. A series of similar comics, mostly from the 1970s — created as satire of DC and Marvel’s “romance comics” – appears on Kinney’s website. The Red Guard Romance series was... Read more »