You’ll Not See Finer Pencil Drawings Than These From Paul Lung

Paul Lung - panda
Paul Lung from Hong Kong is a self-described business design consultant, but judging by these pictures he drew — yes, drew, as in with a .5mm pencil — his talents are being misemployed. I don’t know, maybe he’s a freakin’ spectacular business design consultant. I do know, however, that he’s an absurdly awesome pencil artist, judging by... Read more »

We’re Really Not In Kansas Anymore, Because We’re In China

Wizard of Oz in China 1
Illustrator/designer/videographer Billy Nunez has captured our attention by re-imagining Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, set in China. There are pandas, locusts, koala/pig characters and, of course, a Cowardly Tiger. Imagination is a wonderful thing. We sample a few pictures after the jump, but go check out the whole thing. (H/T io9 via Reddit) 

An Unfortunate, Fantastic Choice Of Typography

In the butt
Via Reddit, here’s a movie poster for a Chinese rom-com called Love in the Buff, a sequel to Love in a Puff. While we eagerly await its sequel, Red-Bean Duff: Steamed-Bun Love, let us pause a second to muse over the brilliance of the lavender-pink font. It’s just so right, and full of spunk, encapsulating the... Read more »

Your Memorial Day Post: Revisiting H. Allen Larsen And Other Flying Tigers’ Amazing Color Photos Of China Circa 1944-45

Flying Tigers 1
It’s much easier to imagine the past in black and white, for it makes our present-day colors somehow more meaningful, proving that the era we occupy is indeed the most technologically and civically advanced. But what’s most stunning about seeing the past in color here — in these photographs taken by the Flying Tigers, members... Read more »

They Don’t Make Propaganda Posters Like This Anymore

...and then insects eliminated the crops...
Via Just as the Great Leap Forward was beginning to yield its first casualties — and on through the years when hundreds and then thousands and then millions died of starvation and disease — China continued to print propaganda posters like the above (more after the jump) to boost morale and do whatever it... Read more »

Neat: Chinese Graphic Designs From Yesteryear

Graphic Design 01
Instagram can eat its heart out. As seen on Will Schofield’s 50 Watts, the pictures here, inspired by Lu Xun, are graphic designs from the 1920s and 1930s, a particularly fertile time for creative expression. They’re from the book Chinese Graphic Design in the Twentieth Century, by Scott Minick and Jiao Ping. As described on Amazon: Beginning with... Read more »

Another Asia-Centric Buzzfeed List, “Why Asians Are The Superior Race” (Used Ironically)

Dog and toddler
Earlier today, Buzzfeed published a winning post titled “42 Things You’ll Only See In China.” They just followed it up with “53 Reasons Why Asians Are The Superior Race,” with pictures like the above (disclosure: don’t know if the toddler is Chinese). Some of the photos you’ve undoubtedly already seen, like Kunming’s dwarf village and the 1,050-slice... Read more »