Li Na Explains Serving Ball 10 Rows Into Stands: “I Want To Have Good Communication With The Fans”

Ever since advancing to the 2011 Australian Open final, becoming the first Chinese player to appear in a Grand Slam singles final, Li Na has been somewhat of a media darling in Melbourne. The sixth-seeded Wuhan native beat Agnieszka Radwanska 7-5, 6-3 on Tuesday to advance to the semis against Maria Sharapova, but not before serving up a bit of comedy on the court and the mic. Watch as the 30-year-old explains that serve of hers.

Count USA Today’s Chris Chase, who wrote the following, as smitten.

Unlike most of my blogging brethren, who frequently like to say something “wins” the Internet or is “the greatest thing you’ll ever see,” I try to avoid definitive statements of rapturous praise. I’ll make an exception in this case: Li Na is the best.

Li Na’s hilarious excuse for her horrendous serve (USA Today)

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