You’re Trying Too Hard, Pole Dancers

Pole dancers in snow 2
China’s national pole dance team — yes, this is a real thing — was sent to Dalian recently to perform some tricks on a pole in the snow. These pictures were snapped on Monday, posted to Xinhua (of course). We admire these ladies’ grit. They really ought to dress warmer though.

Of Course China Is Sending A Team To The World Pole Dance Competition

World Pole Dance
China’s fascination with the pole dance extends to competitive pole dancing as well: three females and one male are traveling to Zurich, Switzerland to compete in the World Pole Dance competition on November 10. The Chinese contestants are listed on World Pole Dance’s website as Cao Haijing, Meng Yifan, Song Xuemei, and Yan Shaoxuan, all of... Read more »

Pole Dancers Galore, On Beijing Subway And In Zeta Bar

Zeta Bar Pole Dance 1
Where to begin? Zeta Bar in Hilton Beijing held its fourth pole-dancing competition on Saturday in collaboration with Love Show Studio, the self-proclaimed “Beijing’s No. 1 pole-dancing school.” Local nightlife blogger Jim Boyce informs us the winners were “Ms. Zhenzhen,” as chosen by judges, and “Ms. Vivi,” as chosen by the audience. We’re not sure... Read more »

This Is Either The Worst Or Best Pole Dance Ever [UPDATE]

Best or worst pole dance ever
UPDATE: The above video was appended on 3/18. It features Ayo Technology and Don’t Cha. The Chinese Pole Dancing Championship is about to start (apparently), and the woman in the video after the jump (it’s there because it auto-plays) is sixty-something [correction: born in the 1960s] Shi Xiaohong (according to title). All we know for... Read more »