Lamborghini Burns On Fourth Ring Road In Beijing

Lamborghini burns in Beijing 1
Yesterday night around 9:16 pm, a white Lamborghini was found in flames on the side of East Fourth Ring Road near Dongfeng Bridge. The Jiuxianqiao fire department rushed onto the scene with three trucks, but the flames weren't quenched until they completely and utterly destroyed this poor, precious vehicle.

High-Speed Scooter Robbery: Woman Loses Bag, Knocked Unconscious

Woman scooter thief
The first time you watch this, you'll likely not catch what exactly happens. Youku user Wanku, who posted the above video, certainly didn't. But after returning home and studying the footage, Wanku realized something: he/she saw a robbery happen in broad daylight, and in front of the city hall in Binhu district of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, no less.

Driver Speeds Up To Shield Old Woman From Water Truck

Dashboard cam good driver elderly old woman featured image
This is nice. In China -- undisclosed city, undisclosed time -- a driver saw an elderly woman walking slowly on the side of the street, and a water truck coming toward her from the other side. The sprayage would almost assuredly have soaked her, so the driver sped up, then parked the car between the oncoming truck and the woman. It's the road equivalent of laying a raincoat over a puddle so that a woman in heels can cross the road.