High-Speed Scooter Robbery: Woman Loses Bag, Knocked Unconscious

The first time you watch this, you’ll likely not catch what exactly happens. Youku user Wanku, who posted the above video, certainly didn’t.

But after returning home and studying the footage, Wanku realized something: he/she saw a robbery happen in broad daylight, and in front of the city hall in Binhu district of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, no less.

Watch as the man in the black scooter approaches the woman from her blind side, reach out and grab something with his left hand, and speed off around the turn.

The woman is knocked off her bike and appears to slam her head against the ground. She never saw it coming.

Another woman on a scooter stops a few meters in front. The car that’s recording all this then begins to pull away, but it’s not to speed off. Wanku claims he/she got out of the car with the intent of helping the injured woman when he/she saw two passersby — a man and woman — who had already gone over and were calling for help.

It’s when Wanku got home that he/she saw the dastardly larceny. “If you require the original footage, you can get in touch,” Wanku writes.

We trust that the police have already done so.

    2 Responses to “High-Speed Scooter Robbery: Woman Loses Bag, Knocked Unconscious”

    1. Med

      I think the thief failed. He did grab the lady’s bag, but she strongly held, that’s why she fell so fast on the ground. The guy then runs away, only because he doesn’t want troubles in case she got hurt or worse.

    2. terroir

      China: please install more dash cams, if just to document the high rate of no one coming to help victims.

      On that note: if you have a dash cam like this guy, what do you have to be afraid of? There is documented evidence that you are a witness to this crime/accident – you should you and help with reckless abandon. For pedestrians, whip out your phone and record yourself walking up to the victim to prove that you weren’t involved in the incident.


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