Watch: Samaritans Team Up To Pull Three Students Out Of Frozen Lake

Hebei frozen lake rescue
Around 3:20 pm on Sunday in Tangshan, Hebei province, a woman named Ms. Cheng was exercising in Nanhu Park when she saw some teenagers playing on a frozen lake. She and her exercise partner, Mr. Liu, were about 15 meters from the shore when the ice suddenly cracked, swallowing up the young revelers.

Watch As People Watch A Kidnapping In Broad Daylight

Guangdong kidnapping in broad daylight
In Shantou, Guangdong province, security cameras appeared to capture a kidnapping this morning while passersby watched on. Authorities are on the case and there are no further details at the moment -- we don't know, for instance, whether the woman forced into the white van (she's pulled in by a man, who's abetted by a woman wearing pink) knew her kidnappers -- but it's a startling scene. The Youku video description notes that people stood around and watched, but no one took action.

Man Catches Girlfriend Trying To Jump To Her Death From 5th-Story Balcony

Dramatic rescue of suicidal woman
As a result of domestic strife, a 20-something woman in a residential compound in the Daoli district of Harbin, Heilongjiang province went to the balcony on the 5th story of a building and threatened to jump. She crawled out of the window and onto a wire clothesline, where she remained, distraught, according to a witness on the ground, as reported by Xinhua.

High-Speed Scooter Robbery: Woman Loses Bag, Knocked Unconscious

Woman scooter thief
The first time you watch this, you'll likely not catch what exactly happens. Youku user Wanku, who posted the above video, certainly didn't. But after returning home and studying the footage, Wanku realized something: he/she saw a robbery happen in broad daylight, and in front of the city hall in Binhu district of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, no less.

Delivery Guys Catch Toddler Who Falls From 4th Story Of Building

Toddler caught by passersby featured image
A two-and-a-half-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after she fell from the fourth story of a building in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The toddler, identified as Qiqi, climbed on the window sill and -- sigh if you've heard this before -- crawled right on out. Her parents had left her home alone as she was sleeping, because toddlers never wake up when they're home alone.

Driver Speeds Up To Shield Old Woman From Water Truck

Dashboard cam good driver elderly old woman featured image
This is nice. In China -- undisclosed city, undisclosed time -- a driver saw an elderly woman walking slowly on the side of the street, and a water truck coming toward her from the other side. The sprayage would almost assuredly have soaked her, so the driver sped up, then parked the car between the oncoming truck and the woman. It's the road equivalent of laying a raincoat over a puddle so that a woman in heels can cross the road.

Man Loses Bag Containing HK$74,000 Cash, Miraculously Recovers It At Police Station

Chan Chung-lam, Good Samaritan
What separates losing 10,000 dollars from not losing it? The honesty of the person who finds the money, nothing more. In Hong Kong, 23-year-old pub manager Lin Ho-kit fell asleep on a bus and dropped a small bag containing HK$74,000, or about 59,000 yuan ($9,500). Other passengers, probably not knowing there was a small fortune inside, kicked the bag off the bus, where it was scooped up by 60-year-old Chan Chung-lam.

Man Falls From 5th Floor Of Burning Building In Beijing As Onlookers Watch In Horror (Video)

Beijing man hangs off building on fire, falls 3
A residential building fire on Monday near Yuegezhuang Bridge in Beijing forced one particularly desperate man scurrying out of his fifth-floor window and onto a very thin ledge, where he held on for several white-knuckle minutes. Then, at the 5:07 mark of the above video, he falls — simply falls. People gasp, then scream. Throughout all this, a woman behind the camera can clearly be heard asking, “What’s to be done?”

Toddler Survives 6th-Story Fall From Balcony After Passersby Catch Her On Tarp

Ah, the classic China story: toddlers falling off balconies. I've gotten a bit complacent and let a few of these tales go unblogged, but this one from Zhongshan, Guangdong province has to go up. On March 21 at about 11 pm, a small girl crawled or walked out of her sixth-floor apartment balcony. She clung onto the ledge for dear life. Seeing this, about 10 passersby quickly grabbed a tarp in expectation of catching her if she fell. Sure enough, because she's a toddler, she fell.

Drunken Man Shocked To Find Passersby Return The 10,000 Yuan He Threw Away

Good Guy Greg finds 10000 rmb on the ground
We’ve seen people behaving poorly upon finding wads of cash floating in the wind. This is the obverse of that type of story. In Shanghai on Saturday morning, a drunken man threw 10,000 yuan ($1,608) into the air at the intersection of Gonghexin and Baode roads, according to Shanghai Daily, reason unknown (repeat: he was drunk).... Read more »